Kiss Necklace with Pendant

Kiss Necklace

The pendant necklace representing the “Kiss Necklace” has become a fever among women, currently it can have several versions: in silver or gold, gold plated, the color of the pendant has even the double kiss.

There is also a more discreet version of the kissing necklace, with silver and gold metal pendants covered by crystals to create a spot of light in production. This ” more discreet ” version of the jewelry is recommended for use in women’s daily work, in the formal work that requires more discreet attire this necklace can bring an extra touch in the production.

The kiss necklace with colored pendants (red, pink) are recommended for moments of relaxation, for a party, a walk or a ballad, places that allow you to dare a little more in the visual, in these places you can use the pendant in colorful kiss shape.

Kiss Necklace with Pendant

Kissing necklace is a democratic accessory as it can be worn by women of all ages, but women of old age should avoid the kiss necklace with extravagant colors and large pendants, as it would not fall very well.

This type of necklace is easily found in jewelry shops in streets and malls all over Brazil, on the internet there are also sites that sell this product and we could not fail to mention in great points known for the sale of jewelry.