King Baby Jewelry for Men with Style Rock’n’roll

King Baby: Jewelry for Men with Style Rock’n’roll

At the age of 15 Mitchell Binder became an apprentice jeweler, a short time after you have already started the King Baby with a line of men’s jewelry of his own. The influences were basically the rock’n’roll, the music that turned the head of Mitchell when he came from Mississippi to Los Angeles (still a teenager, with the mother) and the visual of the bikers, with their skulls, wheels, wings and gears. Thanks to its remarkable style, has won both audiences, fans of rock music and motorbikes, but it did not stop there and became the jeweller of choice for Hollywood.

King Baby Jewelry for Men with Style Rock’n’roll

With your King Baby Studio, located in Santa Monica, California, Mitchell Binder,offers pieces in silver, precious stones and leather for men with radical style, presence and soul to contemporary rock. Among the products created by the designer you can find pendants, rings, bracelets, bracelets and even cufflinks, handbags in leather and dark glasses.

Also worth a peek at the pieces created for the Fender, consecrated brand of musical instruments, with pendants in the shape of guitar picks, microphones, headphones, guitars and cassette tapes, the kind of accessory that makes you drool any self-respecting musician.

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In the blog of the brand it is possible to know some of the celebrities that flaunt the jewelry created by the Binder as the guitarist Slash, the rapper Snoopy Dogg, the radio host Howard Stern, the musicians of the power trio ZZ Top and pop star Justin Timberlake. The star of Hollywood Tom Cruise also appears using the jewelry of King Baby due to the costumes chosen for the film Rock of Ages, where he plays the lead singer of a rock band famous.

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The good news is that the brand has a virtual store that sells to all over the world, including Brazil, provided that the purchaser has an international credit card. The prices are not the lowest, but are according to the material, quality and design of the beautiful pieces for sale. If you want to give to the girlfriend, since 2007 there is the Queen Baby line of jewelry geared toward women, as charismatic as those sold for the male audience.

See a promotional video of the tag:

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