One Sided Earring

Jewelry Trends From the Paris Fashion Week 2014

Necklace with ring from Hermès

Hermès was more exotic than usual furs, oriental prints and crocodiles joined the minimalist coats, dresses and trousers suits in classic natural tones.The models were adorned with long, narrow necklaces, at the end of which a ring adorned the breast.The ring in the deep v-neck on naked skin is very beautiful.For those who dare to take it from their fingers, it might be an exciting opportunity to present their own marriage or engagement ring.This is complemented by a narrow bracelet that the Hermès ladies wore on the naked wrist at the Paris Fashion Week 2014 or a bit further up above the clothes.

Jewelry Trends From the Paris Fashion Week 2014 1

Single earring from Chloé and Louis Vouitton

Masculine lines and straight cuts were a little out of balance at Chloé by a one-sided worn earring. This earring can be complex – a mix of different precious metals combined with feathers, wood and other materials. For this, at the Paris Fashion Week at Chloé, there were striking golden fringed anvils that seem to flow around the wrist.
Louis Vouitton presented dresses that combine classic 60ies silhouettes with 70ies fabrics and patterns.Dresses, coats, and skirts showed much leg.In order to steer the view up again, the models also bore complex, heavy earrings on one side. Goldheads with large stones were seen on the hands.

One Sided Earring

Geometric earrings from Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent also saw a visit to the 60ies:the models at the Paris Fashion Week were decorated with miniature charms and Mary Janes with geometric earrings.The most popular among them were the triangular gold earrings.

Multiple rings from Nina Ricci and Proenza Schouler

The pieces of Nina Ricci were particularly seductive at the Paris Fahsion Week 2014 with silk, transparent organza and noble lace, heavy wine red and black velvet.There was a ring on each finger.Especially precious jewelery rings are made with large, color-like stones, which are set differently on each finger.It is also interesting to wear the same ring on each finger – it should not be too playful.We recommend this gold-plated ring with Zikonia-Topas:Proenza Schouler interpreted the idea somewhat differently:Here the models each carried three rings with unpolished, inserted stones of different colors and sizes.In addition, there were minimalist-elegant wide cuts in cool blue and gray with rock-like patterns.

Jewelry Trends From the Paris Fashion Week 2014 2

Striking bracelets from Lanvin and Dior

The Art Deco Inspired Statement Bracelets from Lanvin provided a strong contrast to the frenzied Marabou jewelry fashion presented by the models at Paris Fashion Week 2014. CD (CD meaning: Abbreviationfinder) showed the trend quite differently:he drew with a feminine-urban image with female cuts, which are nevertheless strongly influenced by business men’s fashion in fables and fabrics.When not elbow-long gloves, the models carried helmets in feminine-playful forms.

Jewelry Trends From the Paris Fashion Week 2014 3

Edible jewelry from Chanel

The special jewelery highlight of the Paris Fashion Week was, without a doubt, the idea of ​​Karl Lagerfeld, who equipped the Chanel models with edible bracelets, as we know from our childhood of the mixed candy bags.Thank you, dear Mr. Lagerfeld, this is a trend we can all afford!