Jewelry Trends Autumn Winter 2014 1

Jewelry Trends Autumn Winter 2014

New in! The autumn winter 13-14 jewelry collection is available now online. So slowly the autumn arrives – matching there is an autumn winter 13-14 jewelry collection by Twelve Thirteen Jewelry . We have us on the current trends and designs, and have adapted them to our philosophy of solidarity.

Trends Autumn Winter 13-14

A great motto this fall and winter is “don’t make a mess, but pads”. This is true both for the shape of the jewelry pieces and their color. We’ve successfully used this motto, for example, in our macrame bracelet string CZ Belladonna, which comes in bright purple. More trendy colours of the season are blue and red as a beet. Even on the material, a new trend emerges: Rosé gold, for example, to find in our ear plugs Magic Square Rosé. Rosé gold underlines its delicate color beneficial every skin tone and is equally suitable for pale winter skin for the Tan of rest of in the early autumn. Now the current fall, the collection at twelve thirteen jewelry here discover winter 13-14!

Earrings By Twelve Thirteen

Earrings for us are a new area. We tried in three different designs: Magic Globe, subtle and at the same time magnificent male connector with a diameter of 8 mm, Magic Star, earrings with a diameter of 10 mm, which are mobile by hanging and even better reflect so the light reflections, as well as Magic Square.

Jewelry Trends Autumn Winter 2014 1

Magic Square is in turn based on the motto “don’t make a mess, but pads.”. Elegance and extravagance are here skillfully combines to a square, uncluttered but magnificent studs. All of our earrings are available in Rosé, gold, black and silver.

Square Bracelets

The square design has done it to us. The simple but yet striking form has much potential for further use in itself, which is why we have decided, even bracelets in this style to develop.
The straps are tied in the well-known macrame-style, each is equipped with 16 sparkling CZ diamonds, which makes it a particularly elegant and luxurious jewelry piece. The square bracelets are also available in gold, silver, black and Rosé. They complement each other excellently with our square earrings and so, for example, become the perfect gift for jewelry lovers with high demands.

Jewelry Trends Autumn Winter 2014 2

Key Chains of Twelve Thirteen

Another new product has found its way in our offer: the key chains. Key chains complete a rocky glamorous outfit on understated to extravagant manner. Are attached at one end to the waist, on the other snap hook key is attached and plugged into the Pocket. So, the key chains combine a practical with a stylish aspect. They are available in single – and double-breasted design.

Bracelets By Twelve Thirteen

And also in our competency, the bracelets, the twelve thirteen designers have come up with something new: stretch bracelets impressively exact fit and a pleasant wearing feeling. Stretch string tucked away in the precious stones and is, as the name implies, stretchy. Nevertheless offered also have these bracelets in two different sizes really to provide an optimally appropriate piece of jewelry each customer. 13-14 winter autumn jewellery collection OUT NOW!Jewelry Trends Autumn Winter 2014 3