Translucent Crystals Jewelry

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Their names are known, their number is almost innumerable:jewels. Almost every jewish expert has at least one part in her little jewel box , which is decorated with one of the ornamental stones. No matter whether turquoise, topaz, agate or onyx, as variable and versatile as the stones themselves, are also the possibilities to process them to great pieces of jewelry and then combine them into different styles.

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Jewelery stones differ in different criteria.Thus, for example, there are translucent groups, such as the shells or the quartz, and opaque ores such as hematite or pyrite . Depending on which group a gemstone belongs, it radiates a very special character, which often expresses its possibilities of combination .

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Translucent crystals

Translucent crystals are best combined with fine clothing. By their radiance they are able to enhance an elegant outfit, but to keep themselves charming in the background. Dark red shells, bright rose quartz, violet amethysts or rubies often receive a facet cut and adorn rings , brooches, necklaces, bracelets or pendants. The translucent crystal is often combined with gold-colored metals, since these show their light play better than silver-colored metal. Translucent gemstones are particularly beautiful when they are combined with single-colored garments. As they are rather self-contained and filigree, they would fall into a wild-patterned wardrobe and lose their expressiveness.

Translucent Crystals Jewelry

Impermeable jewelery

Not only do gemstones fit into a stylish evening gown, but they can also be integrated into everyday wear due to their versatility. The light-impermeable jewels are particularly suitable for this purpose, which are characterized above all by striking colors and interesting patterns. There are no limits to the imagination:a ring with a turquoise can just as well harmonize with a hippie outfit like a bluish-shimmering moonstone with a business outfit . Jewelery in any form and color always gives a certain touch of lightness and less strict than genuine gemstones. This is due above all to their nature-product character, which gives them warmth and a certain self-consciousness . Colored and patterned jewelery can be combined with strong tones, they also like patterns and other jewelery in their vicinity.Often they can also be combined with other natural materials such as leather, wood, coral or horn.

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