Jewelry Store Fawaz Gruosi & the Brand of Grisogono 1

Jewelry Store Fawaz Gruosi & the Brand of Grisogono

The jeweler surrounded by models, all of them wearing the gems by of Grisogono Fawaz Gruosi.

He dispenses with straight lines and edges mostly, because this would bring unwanted stresses in his pieces of jewellery. Its gems are harder and lush: the jeweler Fawaz Gruosi, and his brand of of Grisogno for High Jewelry of the stars, which will be held mainly at a specific event.

Hardly a female regular on the red carpet in Cannes was still not his treasures: the jewelry of brand of Grisogono, behind which the jeweler is Fawaz Gruosi, sparkle annually the throats and wrists of the prominent women. The Cannes Film Festival in Cannes with the name of Grisogono – are at least almost inextricably, what affects the female guests. This is not least to Gruosis wife, Caroline Scheufele, co-owner and Vice President of the Geneva Watch and Chopard jewellery manufacturer. Chopard traditionally committed to the Cannes Film Festival. A happy marriage for of Grisogono.

Jewelry Store Fawaz Gruosi & the Brand of Grisogono 1

Fawaz Gruosi and the Black Diamond

Fawaz Gruosi owes a special stone’s breakthrough came: the 1953 in Lebanon who was born and grew up in Italy jewelry set early in his career on the Black diamonds. Two years after he founded his own brand of Grisogono in 1994 in Geneva, the fateful meeting took place with the Black Diamond. The experienced jewellery traders realized that an extraordinary gem inside of this gem, with which especially these people bait you jump on everything, what is different. At that time, Black diamonds were unpopular, even though the demand for the gem was high once in the 1920s and 1930s. But now a variety of jewelry companies and manufacturers have resumed the black diamond in the range. The first is still Gruosis.

Fawaz Gruosi and of Grisogono: Unusual and Opulent

Jewelry Store Fawaz Gruosi & the Brand of Grisogono 2

His heavy lids give him melancholy, almost mysterious expression. What is launching Gruosi next to new of Grisogono pieces, is often hardly predictable. He is regarded as the agent provocateur of the Luxury jewelers. Unusual shapes, rarely straight lines or edges, forms for this voluptuous curved and curves like opulent jewels as decoration – this is the extravagant, but quite portable style of Fawaz Gruosi and his brand of of Grisogno. The choice of materials for the jewelry is carefully and creative. Also less common materials used of Grisogono: Jett these include for example the material, a kind of Brown fossil wood, which is found on the sea floor. Also in the High Clocks Gruosi has made a name for itself with of Grisogono: the timepieces are as striking as his jewels – and also coveted.

Fawaz Gruosi: He was Taught by the Great

Jewelry Store Fawaz Gruosi & the Brand of Grisogono 3

Fawaz Gruosi and his brand of Grisogono’s success does not come by about. He has learned the jewelry business from the outset. As a young man, he gained his first experience at a jewelry dealer in Florence, later he studied under the international renowned Harry Winston of specialists of diamond, and finally the worldwide distribution of the Bulgari jewelry he was for a few years.Regarding its customers Gruosi reveals not much: “before I knew them all personally, this is no longer possible.” Some customers become friends, so this is clear. The fact is, most are money or prominent – or both.