Jewelry Auction at Sotheby’s by 2015

The “Graff Ruby” ring is highlight of the auction with a value up to $ 9 million. Also not bad: a flower brooch from the British Nobel jeweller Graff.

Sotheby’s Geneva auction in these days-valuable jewels from the collection of Greek art and jewelry connoisseur of Dimitri Mavrommatis. A total proceeds of approximately $ 20 million is expected.

It is strongly recommended to expand own jewel collection. Best opportunity for acquisitions offers currently the auction of auction house Sotheby’s in Geneva: come on 12 November 2014 there some pieces under the hammer, that trigger real storms of enthusiasm due to their obvious treasure – and envious glances at those who can only dream of millions prices.

Dimitri Mavrommatis’ Ruby Starts at $ 6.8 Million

Owner of a total of sixteen the auction of gems is the Greek of Dimitri Mavrommatis. Highlight of his exquisite collection is the “Graff Ruby”-ring, whose sparkling Red Ruby (8.62 carat) every small and big girl dream satisfied. The renowned Swiss Gemmological Institute praises the coloring of the stone, which is also known as “Pigeon’s blood”, for their purity and brilliance: the “combination of these outstanding features” make the piece a “most extraordinary gem”. Also his value, according to Sotheby’s is located at 6.8 million and $ 9 million is exceptional.

Rarity: 27,54 Carat Sapphire Ring

A Kashmir-born Sapphire, which crowns a ring from Dimitri Mavrommatis’ collection, is regarded as particularly precious copy – but high-quality sapphires weighing over 20 carats are extremely rare. This model has considerable 27,54 Carat and features velvet blue color and high purity. Its estimated value is between $ 3 million and $ 6 million.

Must-have: Earrings by JAR

The creations of the reclusive jewelry designer Joel Arthur Rosenthal – short JAR – apply as a much sought-after masterpieces of our time. Only a select few get benefit, including celebrities and style icons such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna or Ann Getty. Collector of Dimitri Mavrommatis has some JAR jewels, of which three pairs of earrings are now being auctioned. Artfully made of sapphires, rubies, and diamonds, your estimate is at 400,000 to 700,000 dollars.

(Fast) Bargain: Brooch by Graff

With an estimate of 100,000 to 150,000 US dollars, also those bidding on the contract may hope in this brooch, whose budget is relatively manageable. And so it would be reasonable to expect that soon takes over a happy dentist wife joy in the triangle: because the yellow sparkling flower brooch comes from the British Nobel jeweler Graff, among its clientele about Victoria Beck ham, Oprah Winfrey and Paris Hilton. Extra Catcher is a 3,31-karätiger diamond, which forms the glowing Center of floral brooches design.