Jewellery Meets Art 1

Jewellery Meets Art

“One needs to meet his audience there, where she resides.” True to this motto, RENESIM.COM was last week on the opening “the best of WALTER KOBER” represent (photographs 1976-2010) of the eponymous star photographers as co-sponsor. The Munich-based 5-star invited to this event, under which send, we were able to present our pieces of jewelry the invited guests Westin Grand and Mark Robinow (artist representation).

These were among the guests for a “shiny” interlude, but certainly not completely distracted from the great exhibition of Walter Kani

Jewellery Meets Art 1

The latter is not surprising, when one may admire, for example, portraits of a lady that looks similar to the present-day French first lady, Carla Bruni, confusingly. This impression is only for a moment, until it becomes clear that it is actually Carla Bruni. Portrayed at the tender age of 25 years and their favorite photographer in various poses.

Next door, the young Claudia Schiffer, which gives one a look which can leave the most men not indifferent hangs (not in the actual sense of the word). And otherwise it no shortage of celebrities, which the internationally renowned Walter Kober in his career until now skilfully has set.

Jewellery Meets Art 2

In addition to Munich and the Seychelles adopted by Kober, but also contemporary photographs, including images from New York, can be found at the exhibition.

The Walter Kober runs exhibition until late December at the Westin Grand Munich.

And as a place of Star photographer looks, shows that last this entry attached: a Studio on the largest island of the Seychelles, Mahé. Here it can be creative… or even just lazy.

Jewellery Meets Art 3

Wish you a good start to the week.