Jennifer Aniston and Her Very Own Jewelry Style 1

Jennifer Aniston and Her Very Own Jewelry Style

Since her engagement to actor and screenwriter Justin Theroux directed all eyes on Jennifer Aniston. Especially her spectacular engagement ring, through which the opinions are however divided makes headlines.
It fits to the rather simple and restrained style by Jennifer Aniston or not? Some find it too bulky, others are enthusiastic about him – in the center of attention is the exceptional engagement ring, which is adorned by a huge diamond in any case.

Jennifer Aniston and her engagement ring design

With background information on their engagement were initially very stingy Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston. So there is no secure information also about the engagement ring and it can only be speculated about its price and its exact characteristics. To take a look at the ring of Jennifer Aniston, so far only paparazzi, succeeded as the freshly betrothed pair in a cottage located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.Jennifer Aniston and Her Very Own Jewelry Style 1

The jewelry expert Anthony Sarkissian from Beverly Hills revealed his opinions piece of jewelry to Jennifer Cameron’s. The diamond should have a size of no less than ten carats. To do this, one must say that such a gem is very expensive due to its great rarity – the engagement ring, Jennifer Aniston, to a value of about one million US dollars will be. Anthony Sarkissian could make no precise information about the shape of the cut. To judge by the photos, it could be a cushion cut or an oval cut.
The version should be made in Halo Design and consist of yellow gold ring rail. Here is clear that Justin Theroux has opted against the classical design for engagement rings and the ring model used to new trends. The ring rail is classically made of Platinum and the brilliant cut diamond is held by a sandblasted.

Jennifer Aniston – engagement rings of the stars in the Halo theme

A version in the Halo Design applies to Diamond cut of cushion, it seems that by Jennifer Cameron’s engagement ring to be very popular. You characterized framing running around, akzentuierende him by one to the gem, that often is occupied by small diamonds and gives added glamor to the engagement ring. This type of version leaves room for a wide range of possibilities, what concerns the design in detail.
In addition to Jennifer Cameron’s ring is an example which gave the French dancer Benjamin Millepied of the Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman to the engagement. He could be seen for the first time by the public at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala in 2011. This engagement ring is crowned by an antique cut diamonds. This is surrounded by a double row frame made of precious metal, the sparkling diamonds in Pavé version is decorated. The ring rail is about and with small, beautiful sparkling diamonds.

Jennifer Aniston and Her Very Own Jewelry Style 2
The engagement ring in the Halo Design, which was formerly worn by Lady Diana and gave to her engagement Kate Middleton has a very different, but equally enchanting effect. Here, the Central 12-karätige Sapphire oval cut by 14 brilliant-cut diamonds in sandblasted white gold is surrounded.
Still, a variation of this style is the engagement ring of American country singer Carrie Underwood. The 5-karätige flawless yellow Fancy Diamond is surrounded by a wreath of small diamonds. A recurring Halo Design detail is the divided and occupied also by diamond ring band to be seen here.
It was used in engagement ring bezauberndem Gwyneth Paltrows Halo Design .

Jennifer Aniston and her personal style

Now to the frequently raised question of whether the engagement ring to the characteristic style of Jennifer Aniston, selected by Justin Theroux fits. To answer them, jewelry should be consulted, which often can be seen on the successful actress, like their golden bracelets, their long, imaginative, occupied with diamond earrings, hoop earrings, diamond rings, and multi-row necklaces. This already shows that Jennifer Aniston, if she is more known also in the clothes for discreet models and simple cuts, it certainly targeting at the jewelry glamour. That gives the casual outfits of Jennifer Aniston just that certain something, that they they skillfully by striking pieces of jewellery in scene sets. Thus, also the engagement ring well in individual style by Jennifer Aniston writes itself.

Jennifer Aniston and her love for gold bangles

Often you can see Jennifer Aniston with Golden bangles. Like she decorates itself with numerous, dainty bracelets, sometimes it attacks but also to individual wider models.

The earrings with gemstones of Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston and Her Very Own Jewelry Style 3

Striking, long hanging earrings in various ornamental patterns are among the favorite jewelry pieces by Jennifer Aniston. Glamorous accents set in their public appearances by their sparkling gems .

Jennifer Cameron’s preferred necklace

Jennifer Aniston has a pronounced predilection for falling in several rows deep, delicate necklaces made of Gold or other precious metals.

Jennifer Aniston – rings with oversized diamonds

The ring, Justin Theroux Jennifer Aniston gave same rather a cocktail ring as an engagement ring – these are the voices of critics of extravagant jewelry piece. That’s right, much like cocktail rings, the engagement ring exudes a touch of extravagance and by the choice of the oversized diamonds much self-confidence. But so her fiance has taken exactly the taste of Jennifer Aniston, which previously often wore rings with disproportionately large diamonds. The Halo Design here already often came to fruition, in various versions, from the simple ring made of precious metal up to the