In Doubt On How To Wear A Necklace So Check Out Our Secrets Here

In Doubt On How To Wear A Necklace? So Check Out Our Secrets Here!

Everyone knows that using accessories is essential when the intention is to make the look more elaborate, taking it away from the basics.The problem is that many doubts can arise about combinations and mix of accessories.For example, how to wear a shirt collar?How to use multiple necklaces at the same time?Can you use a necklace with big earrings?And the doubts never cease to arise.

In Doubt On How To Wear A Necklace So Check Out Our Secrets Here

If you enjoy using this accessory, but are in doubt about the combinations and if it really suits you, take a look at the post.

1. How To Wear A Shirt Collar

Anyone who wears a shirt at work can use necklaces to make a change in the look.The challenge, in this case, is not to look too heavy.For this, look for necklaces with plain shirts.No mixing colors and prints with multiple collars, OK?A necklace just or create a mix of two or more collars that are alike already take the look of the basics without appearing that you are using too much at the same time.

2. How To Use Mix Of Paste In The Day To Day

In Doubt On How To Wear A Necklace So Check Out Our Secrets Here! 1

We talk about using two or more collars to compose the look and we emphasize that if the accessories are the same or very similar, it helps a lot to keep the look cohesive.One idea to help her choose the necklaces is to bet on those that are finer and that have colors that are easy to match , like silver and gold.Thin and long necklaces can also be combined with chokers if the occasion is informal.

You also might be interested in vintage necklaces:

3. How To Use Maxi Paste

The maxi paste is that piece that will always draw attention to the look.So start by using it with basic parts.He will work miracles in a casual look, such as jeans and a white T-shirt.The maxi-paste looks great with shirts and in this case, close up the last button on the garment and place the accessory just below the collar.Very chic!

In Doubt On How To Wear A Necklace So Check Out Our Secrets Here! 2

This accessory usually flattens the silhouette a bit, especially for those with a small neck.If this is the case, try to use the max necklace with clothes that are less close to the neck area.If it is to be worn with a shirt, leave the buttons close to the collar open.If it is to be worn with a T-shirt, choose the versions whose collar is also furthest from the neck.Oh, and because it is a big, eye-catching accessory, avoid using earrings unless they are small and discreet.

4. How To Wear Long Necklaces

The long necklaces are great for lengthening the silhouette and make you gain a few inches in height.They value the lap and can give that touch of discreet style.If you want to wear a long necklace alone, you can add a pendant with considerable size to take the look of the basics.If the occasion is informal, you can wear long necklace with big earrings, yes.But in that case, try to wear an earring that matches the necklace so it does not look like you got mixed up when it comes to putting together the production.

In Doubt On How To Wear A Necklace So Check Out Our Secrets Here! 3

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