Idar-Oberstein – Fascinating Gemstone Mine and the Various Exhibits of the Gem Museum

The German gemstone Museum Idar-oberstein houses a vast range of different precious stones – by the opal with its iridescent colors of the Rainbow to Moon stone, whose name derives from its bluish-white shimmer, which Moon is reminiscent of the licence on starry nights.
Idar-Oberstein are also the single European gemstone mines, which can be visited by anyone. Visitors of the gemstone mines of the Steinkaulenbergs have a unique opportunity with expert guides in the breathtaking world of glittering mountain crystals, amethysts and many other precious stones to dive.
It is no coincidence that these two attractions are in close proximity to each other, since the in Idar-Oberstein in the past was an important centre for the production of precious stones.

The historical significance of Idar-Oberstein gemstone industry

In the gemstone mines of Idar-Oberstein, there was once a rich source of agates, amethysts and crystals. That you can geological thus explain Steinkaulenberg where the mines are located, is composed of a very old lava layer. In this enclosed cavities were located (in technical language almonds), in which the numerous colorful striped agate, crystals, which remind of frozen ice, and the violet amethyst could make, which can be seen even today in the gemstone Museum of Idar-Oberstein.

In 1875, mining in Idar-Oberstein was abandoned as the gradual scarcity of precious stone reserves had led before that many miners emigrated and elsewhere tried their luck as gem miners. Already before the final setting of commercial mining had two generations of Idar-Obersteiner mine workers emigrated to Brazil and brought especially agates for further processing to Idar-Oberstein. After the closure of the mining industry, a development to the goldsmiths and the agate cutting held in Idar-Oberstein. Still, the German gemstone Museum in Idar-Oberstein, in which Brazilian exhibits can be seen evidence of this also. In 1978 the buried cultural heritage was re-emerged with the creation of the Förderverein Steinkaulenberg of Idar-Oberstein in the public consciousness. You restored the sunken mine shaft and built in the wake of the a 400 m-long visitor’s Gallery.

The gemstone mine in Idar-Oberstein – gems at the scene of their creation

Who wants the opportunity unique in Europe to see gems in their original environment, should miss a trip to Idar-Oberstein not. Visitors in the fairy-tale atmosphere of underground caverns full of colorful sparkling gems can immerse yourself in a labyrinth of disused tunnels.
The Green Jaspers from Idar-Oberstein, which are characterized by their beautiful color are a special feature. . The name of Jasper is derived from the Greek and means translated dappled stone which very aptly describes the appearance of this gemstone. Included foreign minerals are responsible for ensuring that a Jasper can have different colored stripes, stain or flame patterns.
In larger quantities you can also admire agate almonds, crystal clear rock crystal and amethyst in Idar-Oberstein.

A comprehensive collection of precious stones from all over the world – the German gemstone Museum in Idar-Oberstein

First was the Museum in a factory building in Idar-Oberstein – initially, the gems were sold there actually, but from the year 1897, the conditions changed with the move of the exhibition and no trading took place. Twice the scenery of the collection should change before 1996 included the Purpers Schlösschen , a villa from the Gründerzeit in the gallery premises today, distributed on three floors are.
One of the halls is devoted to agates and precious stones from the Group of the crystals, that come directly from Idar-Oberstein. A special feature of the agates from Germany is its colour, which is characterized by reddish-brown, pink and red tones. The intermediate layers of different layers have a shimmering gray color.
The Group of the crystals is represented, inter alia through the transparent rock crystal, the golden yellow citrine, the purple amethysts, the smoky quartzes, named after their smoky color and the pink rose crystals. Of course a wide selection of different Jaspisen should not be missed, Idar-Oberstein is known for.
The Gem Museum ideal, to study special optical effects of gemstones. So there are rope and Spektrolithe houses, which are characterized by their colorful metallic Schiller, which is called Labradorisieren in the terminology. This effect in blue and green colours on dark grey background is rather cautious pronounced at the Labradorite. Very clearly, however, it occurs when the Spektrolith, brightly lit in the color spectrum of the Rainbow.

Also the Adularisieren of the Moon stone runs the visitor in the Gem Museum of Idar-Oberstein in mind. It manifests itself by a white shimmer with a bluish undertone. Moves a Moonstone, this bright gloss on the surface of the gemstone slides.
The issued opals, which charm with its splendid colours are a special highlight. Tiny Cirstobalitkugeln, are included in the gems, make sure that the light rays are reflected in regenbogenfarben and the opal changes its appearance depending on the viewing angle.

Of course also the Quartet of most precious gems should not be missed: the diamond, the Ruby, Sapphire and the Emerald. They are both raw and polished form.
In addition, still a wide variety of other precious stones are at Idar-Oberstein Museum to see, so for example a yellow gem-speaking Greek named Heliodorus, which can be translated as gift from the Sun .
In one of the rooms of the Museum, the Gemology (Gemmology) is presented and explained, which criteria are examined and classified the minerals.
One of the rooms is dedicated to the outstanding products of Steinschneidekunst and so are presented in the showcases artfully crafted seal, gems, vases and bowls.

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