How to Wear Pearls

How to Wear Pearls

You thought that the pearls were no longer trend?

Think again! At the sight of the parades of fashion or the windows of the great jewelers, must believe that the Pearl is on the front of the stage with a crash! Or maybe that she is never really gone…

How to Wear Pearls 2

The different types of pearls

For beginners in the field, know that there are several families of pearls of culture.There is first the freshwater pearls which, as clearly indicated their name, are grown in soft water. They are the pearls of entry-level. Then you have the sea Akoya pearls, mainly from China or from Japan, or even pearls of Australia who are exceptional by their impressive diameter beads. But those who hold the upper hand for decades, these are nice and well the pearls of Tahiti. These are the only to present a natural dark color. Produced by the Pinctada margaritifera oyster, these are rare gems and so expensive. For a more affordable cost, you can also opt for pearls jewelry fantasy, usually plastic. Some high-end models proved to be perfect imitations.

How to Wear Pearls

The timeless pearls

Out your old family photos, you will probably have no trouble to find a picture of your grandmother or your great-grandmother wearing a long string of pearls or someearrings with cultured pearls. I must say that the story of these Pearly balls is not yesterday as fine pearls exist since the dawn of time. Pearl culture that reinforces the craze for these jewelry. The Pearl embodies femininity for centuries, and crosses the modes as if nothing had happened. Although she knows some periods during which her power of seduction seems less powerful, it does not fall into oblivion so far.Jewelers around the world boast about its merits and ensure his reputation as soon as it begins to tarnish. The Pearl jewelry have thus succeeded to become the classics of the jewelry boxes.

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The pearl jewelry

The pearl earrings fit most outfits if you follow jewelry wearing rules. Both classic and sober, pearls can bring a little extra touch to your look. In terms of association of colors, the Pearl of the Pearl ideally fits with colors such as dark green, Navy Blue, or even the bordeaux. Earrings and bracelets with pearls seem a little too wise for your taste, if you can play the offbeat side associating them with your style grunge or rock. This accessory will bring an extra dimension to your look. The necklace beads, him, turns out to be easier to wear. Depending on its length, you can give free rein to your imagination. In recent years, ras neck and neck adorned with a Pearl rush made their comeback. They will be perfect with a strapless dress, for example.

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