How to Wear Pearl Jewelry

Faschionistas or simply fans of jewelry? We are well on the fact that it is not easy at all to resist the allure of pearls. Although they are classified “grandmother” jewelry, these are of real fashion accessories to never neglect. To help you don’t hesitate to wear, we show you a few fashion rules for good pick and carry, depending on your outfit and events.

For formal occasion

You have been invited to attend an official celebration, a gala, dinner and you don’t know what jewelry set.

You can be chic in the easiest way with pearl necklaces. To do this, you can put a necklace paired with some earrings with pearls not pending with a beautiful little dress (why not dark). Or, if the latter is of bright color, in this case choose a shade of pearls that will adapt to your evening outfit. You can also wear a multicolored Pearl strand or a bracelet of beads to stay classy and elegant. It is for this type of opportunity to highlight your face and your neck. Another idea: put a necklace with pearls dark (or black) on a colorful bustier dress (is red). Be certain that all heads will turn to you!

Women's Pearl Jewelry

For business trip

Don’t get me wrong! You can adopt a look still more once chic, both in your office than outside. Going for a job stay? Be sure to keep your look chic and class work by putting beads jewelry.

You want to keep your professional look? No worries! Earrings with pearls are the most popular. Small Pearl pendants will also do the trick. On that note, try not to drop this gem beyond your bust line. Because you are at work and not in a party, the role of your jewelry of pearls will be complete and not to dominate your look. You probably guessed it. This is point to abuse to stay glamorous. Simply just a little touch to ensure your professional appearance. A small idea: during your stay in Polynesia, you can probably take your trip wonderful pearls of Tahiti. Pair them with a class suit and all is done! Alternatively, you can wrap around your handle a long necklace of pearls or a small bracelet of cultured pearls. You will be more feminine than ever!

How to Wear Pearl Jewelry 2

Pearl Earrings for Business

For everyday wear

Well Yes, beads jewelry can be worn everyday same home.

There, you can associate them with your outfits casual everyday, jewelry of pearls in all forms and colours. Try to associate them to bring out your personality. For example, you can put a simple shirt or a chic solid color top and jeans with a long string of pearls of different colors. You will be sure to create a look both stylish and trendy. Forget the earrings and bracelets. Try wearing less jewelry to give visibility just pearls.

How to Wear Pearl Jewelry 1

Pearl Necklace for Everyday.