How to Wear Collier de Chien 1

How to Wear Collier de Chien

Last year we were invited to 4 weddings and for this occasion I needed of course a Collier. After my dear friend Tina Jazz by Rachel Nelson-Smith from her book bead riffs threaded had, was that it should be fixed. The biggest challenge was it the power of the base to adjust, that’s pretty close to my neck. For this I started earlier the rows to remove. Finally, I had to take again some series out in the middle. Then the boring part starts. Each series is equipped with a power supply.

How to Wear Collier de Chien 1

Last year we were invited to 4 weddings and of course I needed a necklace for that. After seeing the jazz of Rachel Nelson-Smiths book bead riffs done by my friend Tina I knew that this what my choice. The main challenge what changing the base so it hugs my neck. Remove for that I started decrasing earlier and in the end I had to some rows in the middle. When the base is finished the use part starts. Every row is embellished with a net.

How to Wear Collier de Chien 2

For the necklace I needed even a matching dress. Vice versa, it is definitely easier. Only buy the dress and the necklace then matching thread. It’s not really easy during prom season a dress without glitter and ruffles in the evening dress departments to find. And I don’t have a wire to the sellers there apparently. The first brought me a cream-colored (can’t even if one does not know the bridal gown has what color…) over and over with Rhinestones bestickt…hm. Without glitter seems no more for evening clothes in to be. Only stupid, if the jewelry you want to glitter and not the dress) I found still one. And of course it has taken more than I wanted to spend…

How to Wear Collier de Chien 3

I then needed a matching dress to the necklace. It is easier when you first buy the dress and then make a matching necklace. Do not try to find a dress without glitter and frills during prom season. And I have a problem to communicate with the salesladies in these departments. The first brought me a nearly white dress (hello… I need it for a wedding…)over and over with glitter. Without glitter seems not to be a common category in evening dress Department. To stupid that the jewelry should sparkle and not the dress) In the end I found one but it what much more expensive than I had hoped…