How to Wear Back Necklace 1

How to Wear Back Necklace

It’s official: the necklaces for the back are all the rage, and not only among the celebrity! After that they put on the beautiful Cara Delevingne, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett and even Princess Diana, years ago, necklaces for shoulder and back are back in fashion!

“Not only beauty, but also of the back and shoulders”: it’s what you seem to suggest the necklaces for the back, this year’s trend-sessions by, of course, the celebrity!

Available in many models, the pearl necklaces for the back are incredibly sensual but, of course, must be worn with the right outfit: a plunge like that of Cate Blanchett, for example, but not only! Also a bandeau dress like Jennifer Lawrence, a hairstyle collection, a short cut, a t-shirt with no sleeves and a cold shoulder to the 2016 Summer trend. In short, the focus is back and it’s all from vibrant quality!

How to Wear Back Necklace 1

The ideas of the necklaces for the back are many: from Chanel, Stroili oro, Bijou Brigitte, Accessorize, models there will be for those who love luxury and important jewelry for those who wear a costume jewelry for the body with style and sensuality. The Tiffany necklaces and other long models can finally carry on your back.
Hottest models are those tribal and naive with versions of pendants, but also back necklaces with diamonds and pearls like Naomi Watts, are very trendy and can be worn for both a 30 ‘s look is more contemporary and impish.

We see in our gallery as you wear the necklaces for the back and what models shown off by the celebrity to grace the back and shoulders with a touch of timeless class!

With exciting design on tops and dresses so you can say that the back has been a greater focus and a more or less naked in back so it may be advisable to invest in a piece of jewelry that is visible from behind. Wearing the necklace on the back is already common in glamor context where celebrities compete to appear on red carpets. But one must certainly not be the celebrity or walk the red carpet to try to wear a necklace hanging on his back.

How to Wear Back Necklace 2

Long necklaces work best!
The best choice to adorn the back is of course longer chains. It can for example be really cool with a long pearl necklace, which is hung to the back side, with a small loop at the bottom. In the beginning this might seem a little strange when one is accustomed to feel the collar weight against the chest and stomach, but after a while you get used to it. If it feels too tight against his neck so you can wrap the necklace twice so that it can better support the top.

Long hair!
If you have long hair, it is not advisable to let this hang over the necklace. This should tell itself. The same applies of course when you have really beautiful earrings that are not visible if you do not put your hair up. If you are planning to test a long necklace on the back so you’ll remember to do a hair style that gives room for innovation.
If you then think that it was not as tidy as you want, this is easily remedied. It’s only to turn on the chain and have it forward as usual again.

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