How to Wear a Gold Chain 1

How to Wear a Gold Chain

Nowadays, gold chains and chains have long established themselves as leaders among gold jewelry, although up to half a century ago, their range was extremely limited. The range of knits was limited to 2-3 types, but mainly account for the purchase was the separation of the weight of the chain. The limited range was due to the fact that the production of gold chain is laborious first and second gold jewelry for neck have not bought a self-adornment and as a basis for wearing a gold pendant or medallion.

Over time, however, the range started to expand and gold chain to yield more fashion status, making it become a separate accessory fit in to a specific date and to a model style. Nowadays the selection of gold chains is so large that the purchase of such a long time is not easy. The customer must choose between road and hollow, polished and decorated with such classic models or born of imagination of a famous designer. Still, what to choose?
How to Wear a Gold Chain 1
In fact, to make the right choice it is necessary to know a few basic rules. First of all need to determine the length of gold chain, precisely because it is this that determines what part of the body or outfit will focus. This is particularly true of gold chains and necklaces are worn with a pendant. Long chains emphasize the breasts, medium-length zone neckline, while short emphasize neck. In the selection it is necessary in addition to the shapes to be evaluated, and skin condition. In this context it should be borne in mind that skin aging starts precisely from neck and short gold chain may undesirable to highlight shortcomings in this area. In this case a longer chain will definitely be a better choice. Unfortunately, there is no gold chain that is appropriate to each case and toilet and if you hold this golden jewel to complement your overall radiation will have to purchase several different models.
As for the various knits choice of a specific model depends entirely on personal taste, but some points should be addressed. If you are supposed to wear gold chain with pendant, must both parts are in harmony than with ourselves and with the outfit as a whole. As an example may indicate inconsistent in size cross on a thick chain, in which case gold cross much better would have stood a thin gold chain and proportionate. Equally inappropriate would look cross on a chain designed for clubs or social events. At full women would have went more massive chains with large rings and a complex weave, but the thin neck of the girl would certainly stood better thin and simple gold chain with a corresponding size pendant.
How to Wear a Gold Chain 2
If you follow the fashion decreed that must be addressed now wearing several chains or chains simultaneously. It is permissible for the mixing of several types of gold or of different knits, but never both simultaneously.
Often the client is facing the dilemma of what to choose gold chain – a hollow or solid.Each has its undeniable advantages. Hollow sections of the chain are lightweight, affordable price and it looks good. But they have their drawbacks – easily deform and break, in most cases, are not recoverable because their thin walls do not just burn soldering. Explicit such chain should not buy a child, especially if you want it to wear it long. The same applies for the more complex knits, which in most cases are non-refundable.
Most – universal appearing chains with a length of 45-50 cm, allowing the neck to be covered are not too tight.  They can wear both in everyday life and in   a special occasions. If worn over a shirt with higher lapels length must also take into account that the end to be located below the knob of which are worn buttoned. Gold chain with a length of more than 75 cm appear more evening and are especially suitable for formal dresses in dark colors.
How to Wear a Gold Chain 3
The above tips can be taken only as general guidance when choosing a gold chain. Main when buying such gold jewelry is that it fits the overall broadcast personalized and is in harmony with the style that tries to impose.