Wear Maxi Necklace

How to Use Maxi Necklace

The fashion world is constantly evolving, creating or reinvented clothes and accessories, one example is the maxi necklace, which is here to stay and each collection is more sophisticated.

The maxi necklace is a great accessory to be used on the neck and assume the role at the top of the look, what features is the volume of the attachment and not the length. For these reasons it is essential not to use in upper clothes with details, prefer simpler parts and complement with the maxi necklace. It is not necessary the use of necklines, it can be used on top of the clothes.

Their clothing is made with the most diverse materials, and can the process be handmade, they are metals, fabrics, feathers, beads, acrylic, among others. Since most basic models to more sophisticated models, the choice of the model refers to the occasion used.

How to use the maxi necklace

Wear Maxi Necklace

Remember, he is the protagonist, bet on clothes with few details. There is no problem in using other accessories like earrings, bracelets and rings, however, it is important that the earrings match the necklace and preferably are not too big.

Let your imagination take action. The maxi necklace may contain the dress or shoe, test that kind of idea, the result is nice. If you are not comfortable with the tone of the shoe with the color of the dress or use black, you can’t miss it.

Another important point is the your use with coats and jackets, I don’t particularly use. Use with blouse, dress and all, but any other piece to go on top as I prefer not to use the blazer maxi necklace, in my opinion this kind of clothing reduces the area that gets taste of our body and this is the area where is the necklace so I think that takes a little of the same purpose which is to be the protagonist.

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