How to Use Brooch

How to Use Brooch

Every woman loves to perfect the look knows that accessories are indispensable for this task. They complement the visual, giving more charm and delicacy to it. The brooch is also a kind of accessory, which can be classified as jewel. He was used a lot in the decade, but remained missing for a long time. There are a few seasons, he returned to take part in all kinds of looks, being an important ally who likes to give a special touch to the clothes you wear. Here are some tips on how to use brooches on the look.

How to Use Brooch

Looks Stylish With Brooches

Any elegant outfit can make a charm of a brooch. They can be found in countless versions. For formal occasions, that require fine clothes, the best is to give preference to equally thin pins. Models with pedrarias and other kinds of sparkles look great. The options for using them are numerous. You can use as a brooch detail of dress, for example, by placing it at the neckline. You can also put them into tracks and belts, or hold a scarf with them. There are many women who also use the PIN in place of brackets, adorning hair with them.

How to Use Brooch 1

Another tip is to use multiple brooches together, forming a different and striking accessory, which can be a form of more life and elegance to a simpler model in a dress. It can also be combined with necklaces, being used as a pendant. Scarves and hats also turn with a brooch.

How To Use Brooch In Casual Looks

How to Use Brooch 2

All kinds of more informal looks accept the use of brooches. They can be put on sweaters, in belts, skirts or shorts, caps, hats, bracelets, necklaces and even in footwear. In more mild weather days, jackets, shirts or jackets can be closed with brooch, giving a more romantic look. Use brooch with scarves also has been very common. Just hold the fabric with them, which act as a finishing piece. If placed in the neck, for example, can turn into a sort of little tie.

How to Use Brooch 3

With skirts or dresses made in more fluid fabrics, you can make a kind of pence in the play, securing it with the PIN. Many times, a piece without grace can lose all your neutrality, only with a little of these accessories. The models of brooches are countless. They can be found in any jewelry store or jewelry, but there are also many people who customize their own pieces, giving even more personality to looks.