How to Make Brooches of Ladybirds and 10 Ideas More 1

How to Make Brooches of Ladybirds and 10 Ideas More

How to Make Brooches of Ladybirds and 10 Ideas More

Imagine that you have an important event and you need some kind of complement to complete your set. Surely have an idea clear in the head and in the time to go to the store to buy not finished to see something that you love. Here is the solution, more than 10 ideas to make brooches.

We started with a brooch of ladybirds, very simple and easy to make. Only you need the following materials:

– Black felt
-Clamp or fork.
-Colored ribbons.

First you start by cutting felt in black to make antennas and the head of the Ladybug. It also cut a rectangle the size of the clamp or fork to cover the metal part and paste the other items more easily.

Then cut two pieces of tape in the color that you have chosen different size and stick them in such a way that you are a kind of tears or petals. Then paste black felt on top of the clip with silicone, then the antennas and then head. Finally first stick the petal over at big and small. It cuts a little antennae and ready!

How to Make Brooches of Ladybirds and 10 Ideas More 1

You can also do other insects such as butterflies. This option is useful if you have a coffee capsules in your House. You can recycle. You just fold them in the form of wings and glue them on top of another capsule of another color. Add a wire antennas!

You can also make butterflies with pipe cleaners and felt like these. Bend the pipe cleaners for shaping the insect wings and paste it with silicone on the caliper. This idea not only butterflies you can do, but that you can also do abstract brooches and completely malleable. You can even use hair bands to make wings!

Another option is to make origami Butterfly with a square of fabric. You only have to sew it follows on what is smart? And, in addition, you can make it the same color as your outfit.

Do you think a few beetles as these that has made Avanti brunette? Only need a few insects of plastic, metallic paint and forks or chains to show where you want.

You can also use felt to make brooches with floral motifs, like these leaves. Cut them on a piece of felt and will only have to sew them to a button to make this elegant brooch.

How to Make Brooches of Ladybirds and 10 Ideas More 2

Another idea is to make some felt flowers like these. Apart from felt, this option also you need needle and thread to sew the flower. You can decorate with beads!

With needle, thread and a zipper can make these flowers of denim fabric. They are fast and very original. You only have to gather the fabric. Place a brilliant in the Center to finish them.

Look at this tree! You can fill the felt with foam or cushion filling to give you that feeling of relief. Sew shapes of different colors and sizes to create that effect of depth and realism.

Decorate your jacket with these metallic pin that has made The world’s inhabitants. They are much easier to do than it seems. With a punch and a disposable metal tray you can draw the reason you want. Then paint them with acrylic paint and put a hitch in the rear. They are precious!

With beads and beads you can make these more elaborate brooch style. Stick or sew the beads on a surface like rubber eva or foami and then cut it flush with the edge so it does not protrude.Look like mandalas!

How to Make Brooches of Ladybirds and 10 Ideas More 3

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