How to Do a Byzantine Chain 1

How to Do a Byzantine Chain

In jewelry, there are many technologies that make something simple and elegant original. For example, Byzantine chain is able to decorate any outfit and become a prominent focus in the image of an attractive woman.

Gold and Silver Byzantine Chain Weaving

How to Do a Byzantine Chain 1

This type of connection is often called royal. In fact, it is mainly used for the production of solid, respectable products. This connection is at the same level, in the form of round, square, oval, bonded in complex patterns. Excellent is the technology both in the short and long products exquisite lace reminiscent of metal.
Byzantine weave not only winning and stylish appearance, but differs durability. So choosing a chain or as a gift, note that the connection of the links, though, in most cases, it will have significant value.

How to Do a Byzantine Chain 2

To Meet the Byzantine Weave a Chain of Gold or Silver?

Royal weaving beautiful and would look appropriate in the following cases:

  • A young girl can complement your outfit this model when going on holiday. For daily use is better to prefer a more subtle types of aircraft and weaving.
  • Middle-aged women are much easier to write Byzantine connect dress if classic. This decoration will be a sign of good taste and a certain status.
  • Silver can add onions if you are going to meet with friends, go on a date in concert in a theater. Gold underline the importance of the holiday. A perfect excuse to wear a precious chain will be the wedding ceremony, the anniversary of the restaurant.

How to Do a Byzantine Chain 3