How to Choose Earrings for Outfit

How to Choose Earrings for Outfit

In addition to the morphology and hairstyle, it is an important parameter to take into account to choose the good Earrings: the outfit!

How to Choose Earrings for Outfit

Well Yes, wearing a gem of ears is often more complicated than it seems. Here are some tips to avoid blunders.

Earrings, what style?

No way to let chance decide earrings you’ll be wearing today! To enhance your outfit, better to have a wide range of jewelry for ears in order to grant them perfectly. Among the essential to possess in your jewelry box are with pearls or diamond earrings that are not second to none to sublimate a sober dress or a pantsuit for example. For a more urban style, you can also opt for fancy earrings to ethnic or design accents. Dangling jewelry will also be able to enhance a bustier dress with taste. Attention to their length. Should not be too big otherwise interfere somewhat with your head movements.

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Earrings, what colors?

Here again, it is important not to make odd! The key word in this matter, it is moderation. Avoid bright colors if your outfit is already colourful, as this could have a small side the worst effect Christmas tree. So it is better to focus on a model in silver or gold. Conversely, dark or very simple outfits support generally vintage style earrings among types of jewelry for ears. They can then become a real anchor of the gaze and establish itself as a centerpiece of your look. For the choice of colors, it is also essential to respect seasonality. Indeed, you don’t wear the same colors in winter than in summer. In the fall, for example, Orange and Brown hues are preferable to more dynamic shades, such as blue or red, which will be more likely on the beach.

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Earrings, what forms?

It is not always easy to choose the ideal form of earrings that they bring the touch to her outfit, especially since there is a great diversity. Timeless figures of jewelry for ears, the creoles are sort of the timeless and adapt to many situations. At the office as in the evening, they spend almost everywhere – depends on the size of the ring, of course. The earrings dangling and elongated, they, will be perfect to brighten up a sweater black turtleneck while jewelry at the most graphic curves advantageously reveal your neck. Attention however to the total look earrings, bracelet and necklace, which can be a bit too much. Generally, outstanding models are sufficient unto themselves and must not be associated with a Choker. Be aware that non pierced ears can also be trimmed since there are now many models to clipper.

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