How to Choose a Ring 1

How to Choose a Ring

How to choose a ring in its style and its size. Many things are taken into account for the choice of a ring of creator, luxury or fancy: the size, shape, material, style, with or without stone?

A ring for every occasion

It all depends on what occasion you want to wear. Are you looking for a ring, a ring that you wear every day or evening? Consider also your daily activities, so that this jewel does become not embarrassing. To choose her ring and appreciate it at its fair value, so it is advisable to take into account both the practical and aesthetically, for a ring to wear on a daily basis.

How to Choose a Ring 1

Match her jewels between them

Looking for a ring that will go already with your jewelry? So choose it in the same tones, or with the same type of ornament. For example, if you have a pair of earrings adorned with pearls, type beads dark culture, a Black Pearl ring will bring out all the same for diamonds. In case you are looking for a ring to wear to go out, we recommend the creators rings: they are often much more original and do not go unnoticed! They are less common and you will have the feeling of being the only one to wear, and it doesn’t have a price…

How to Choose a Ring 2

The size, an important issue

Finally, a crucial issue: the size. We know much more often turn to chest, hip or his shoe size than her ring size! There are several ways to choose the right size of ring: you can measure the circumference of your finger, thanks to a seamstress meter or a strip of paper that you place around your finger then you will measure, use the pliers virtual can be found online or simpler: ask your size to a jeweler.

The small tip: how can I find my ring size (

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