Hollywood Jeweler Martin Katz 1

Hollywood Jeweler Martin Katz

Splendid pieces from the collection of Martin Katz. Like he is inspired in its creations of nature.

For over twenty years, a fixture in the High Jewelry by Hollywood: Martin Katz. Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Jennifer Lopez – they all wear his jewelry and that without reason. Martin Katz recognizes the trends before they emerge.

A man with rimless glasses and escaping forehead. Inconspicuous, he seems at first glance. But Martin Katz understands the jewellery industry and its developments and so these are well-heeled ladies at his shop primarily, that would belong to the trendsetters in terms of jewels.While the jeweler learned a completely different profession: he is a Pyschologe, funded his living by selling silver jewelry but to his fellow students. Perhaps, his psychology degree is the reason why he understands what the women – at least in terms of jewelry – want.

Hollywood Jeweler Martin Katz 1

Hollywood Flagship Store by Martin Katz

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Martin Katz has its flagship store. Primarily, the jeweler interpreted his designs on the essence of nature. “The natural world has always been a source of inspiration for me,” Katz once told in an interview. He had an appreciation for the artistic creation of the nature. He adaptiere that for its own gems. While his treasures appear often historically.

Media-Nose Jewelry

The Hollywood ladies know the partly irrational beauty of Katz’s designs to appreciate. Prior to a performance on the red, not infrequently great actresses like Sharon Stone visit carpet, Kate Winslet or Sandra Bullock the boutique from Martin Katz. Of course such loans are not completely altruistic. As well as fashion designers hope retrospective of High Jewelry also on a strong media presence.

Hollywood Jeweler Martin Katz 3

Martin Katz can not complain about too little media presence. At the latest since he in 2008 the famous Victoria’s secret fantasy bra created, he was known also beyond the borders of The Angels.

Martin Katz Appeals to Younger Customers

Also classically understated pieces away from the red carpet Martin Katz holds. Simple engagement rings are part of his speciality as magnificent gems. Also here is the jeweler with the trend. More and more customers want to wear while expensive jewelry, but not to splurge. Thus, Martin Katz according attracts especially younger jewelry lovers. The trend is towards valuable, but everyday, quite-Office related jewelry. Like, Katz advises even his clientele. He appreciates the personal contact, he says. Nevertheless, Due to its popularity’s are especially prominent customers, the equally prominent jeweler primarily dedicated to his personal attention.

Hollywood Jeweler Martin Katz 2