Handmade Jewellery Berlin 1

Handmade Jewellery Berlin

The term “Handmade” corresponds to a seal of approval today – long since we live in the time of industrialization and the machine work has almost replaced the classical manual work . Everything with the mechanisation of the textile industry began in the 19th century, the craftsmanship and gradually faded into the background and so lavishly produced unique lost your personality and attention to detail. Twelve Thirteen Jewelry speaks, however, for intricate handiwork and so is luxurious and high-quality designer jewelry on the floor of a long tradition.

Handmade in Germany

With handmade in Germany, twelve thirteen expressed individual character – in all the nuances. Jewelry is manufactured according to the personal preferences of the customer upon request, determine even the design of the jewel – so distinctive jewelry is as unique as the person for whom it is intended. Personalize your bracelet with an engraved, no matter whether a particular date, initials or a key name to be engraved – let your inspiration! This, the piece of jewelry is only made after incoming orders by hand and tested prior to shipping on quality. Find out for yourself.

Handmade Jewellery Berlin 1

Precious Materials

Twelve thirteen creates unique designer jewelry and the motto: quality is the senior claim! Gems as, jade, turquoise, Amethyst, lapis lazuli, Rose Quartz, Hematite (matte or glossy), Tiger eye, turquoise, coral and cubic zirconia by hand knotted to first-class bracelets and necklaces together. Python – or crocodile leather bracelets, elegant CZ earrings, an exclusive T-Shirt fashion line for the man’s skull and modern leather key fob complete the range of luxury jewellery manufacturer. This traditional craftsmanship meets modern, classic design – result: a talented jewelry collection! Discover current collections here.

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Traditional macramé technique

The popular Shamballa bracelets were what is named, as much after the mystical Kingdom of Shambhala as light of love. This Kingdom is somewhere in Central Asia and has great significance for Tibetan Buddhism. A traditional warp, the macrame technique combines each of the elements to form a whole. It comes from the Orient, more specifically from South / East Asia. They are tied as friendship bracelets and to unite two people in the spirit. Shamballa jewelry symbolizes solidarity, respect, and love. These bracelets are made of round elements, which are attached using a waxed cord together. Here you can free his imagination run make and create all possible combinations of colours and form. A sophisticated locking system completes this artwork. Be inspired by the Buddhist philosophy!

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