Gucci Loves You Bracelet 1

Gucci Loves You Bracelet

It’s called Gucci loves you and is the new bracelet that the Italian brand has created to help Japan after the devastating earthquake that hit the country last March. Starting today, April 23, 2011 you can buy this bracelet in Japan, then in the course of the weeks following the distribution will continue worldwide in Gucci flagship of the United States, Europe and Asia. The bracelet is very cute, you will join the business with pleasure by purchasing this generous bijoux.

Gucci Loves You Bracelet 1

The bracelet Gucci loves you is decorated with the Gucci web pattern declined in white and red and is a tribute to Japan and his own standard , then we find a tag that says “Gucci loves you”.

The bracelet is lined internally skin allergenic white calf and has closed with a clamp-shaped buckle, even here there is a reference to the classic style of Gucci.

Gucci Loves You Bracelet 2

The bracelet has size standard but you can adjust the length in three measures.

The funds raised from the sale of this bracelet will be donated to Japanand join the 2 million euro that Gucci, along with other luxury brands belonging to the PPR Luxury Group, has already donated the land of the rising sun.

I find it a wonderful initiative!

Gucci Loves You Bracelet 3