Good Luck in the New Year 1

Good Luck in the New Year

Horseshoe, four-leaf clover & Ladybug – jewelry with symbolic power! We hope you come well through the holidays and on new year’s Eve according to celebrated. The jeweller’s team wishes you all the best for 2015 and would like to put you a few pieces of jewellery to the heart which not only beautiful look but can – also act as a good-luck charm and especially at the beginning of the year, you can it get enough with security.

Shamrocks – a Rare Good Luck

Good Luck in the New Year 1

You wish good luck for the new year in this country, including four-leafed clover. Clover with four leaves have rarity value. Who is one, which can look forward and is considered lucky. Pieces of jewellery in the four-leaf clover design also bring good luck and are very decorative as a pendant on a bracelet, a necklace or doubly – studs. Also, the Horseshoe is a popular good-luck charm, because it protects the horse, which always was considered noble, strong and powerful animal. The Horseshoe as a charm on a bracelet is worn as a lucky charm.

Turkish Eye and Fatima’s Hand

Good Luck in the New Year 2

Who has ever traveled in Turkey, the blue glass eyes are noticed certainly the, which is where to buy it in many souvenir shops. The eye kept from evil eyes, and therefore has a protective function. Similarly, Fatima’s hand, also spoken to a protective force.

Animal Happiness Symbols – of Pigs and Ladybirds

Certain animals, such as ladybirds and pigs – is said to bring good luck. Who had formerly many pigs, which was rich and privileged, because the pig was considered strong and fruitful. In medieval competitions, the got was given a pig. Thus he had pork, what probably is the common until today saying. Today it gives miniature pigs itself during the year often made of marzipan – often in combination with a four-leaf clover and a chimney sweep. We encounter a real chimney sweep, so it bring much luck, if you touch its jacket. That assumption goes back to the time when was still mostly heated with stoves. The fireplace does not work once then the chimney sweep was launched, which hopefully could repair the damage. He was therefore a salvation like distinguished – and good-luck charm.

Good Luck in the New Year 3

Even as ladybugs bring good luck. You should protect especially children and are presumably therefore popular motifs for children’s jewellery – for example, for earrings and necklaces. Happiness in the form of a such a beetle flies to who, which should not expel him, because it would have the opposite effect.