Gold916 - Rich Gold and Pleasantly Heavy 1

Gold916 – Rich Gold and Pleasantly Heavy

Gold has been used for ritual objects and jewelery for millennia. It is above all the unique yellow shining color, which makes the precious metal unmistakable. In jewelery production, the Feingold is alloyed for better processing, that is, it combines with other metals such as copper (CU) or silver (Ag).

Gold916 - Rich Gold and Pleasantly Heavy 1

Although gold can be processed very well and is not corroded, due to its low hardness it is rather unsuitable in its pure form as a material. For this reason alloys are used for the production of gold jewelery. Each gold alloy has individual characteristics and its own character. Depending on the mixing ratio and the individual components, the color spectrum of gold alloys ranges from a rich yellow to light green, salmon pink and copper red to seductive silver whites. Especially popular for wedding rings is the classic yellow gold.

Gold916 - Rich Gold and Pleasantly Heavy 2


Not only the noble golden glow, but also the pleasant gravity of the gold make it the preferred material for wedding rings. An incomparably beautiful yellow gold alloy is gold 916. It consists of a remarkable 91.6% pure gold and therefore shines in a beautifully rich golden color. Gold916 has an impressive charisma: classic and charming with a touch of exoticism. The rather rare alloy in Europe is mainly used in the Arab countries, India and Sri Lanka, as well as in South Africa. An Indian bride is often decorated with lavish gold jewelery at the wedding. But also for men are golden rings or necklaces in the oriental space popular accessories. With its 22 karat gold 916 has an impressive character, but it is also relatively soft and therefore not so robust against the everyday influences as less high-class alloys.

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