Gold Gradation of KadÓ 1

Gold Gradation of KadÓ

What is gold grading?

The kadó jewelery manufactory has developed the unique gold gradation*, which is protected by a proprietary design, in which a three-dimensional gold relief is created by using a genuine gold lettering on a ring or other piece of jewelery.

The resulting relief sets new standards not only visually, but also haptically, and makes every piece of jewelery an uniquely unique piece due to its contrasting appearance.Dream rings and gold grading jewelery are now available at 123gold!

On which jewelery materials is gold gradation applicable?

Gold Gradation of KadÓ 1

The three-dimensional gold relief can be applied to all rings made of stainless steel, yellow gold, rose and white gold (from gold 585/-), palladium and platinum.The grading itself consists of yellow gold or white gold 585/-.

In the graded piece of jewelery next to the normal mark is another small Mark that represents the value of the gradation.

What can I engrave with the gold grading?

In the fonts “Monotype Corsiva” & “Comic Sans”, letters and numbers as well as special characters and symbols are possible, such as entwined rings, a heart, house or the like.

The grading can also take place on already existing wedding rings and jewelery pieces.

The gold gradation at 123gold – how do I get it?

Gold Gradation of KadÓ 2

The grading is not directly selectable on the 123gold page.If you are interested in a gold grading on your rings, please contact our employees in the locations or in the online shop – they will help you!

Please note that by adding a gold gradation the delivery time will be extended by approx. 1-2 weeks since your rings will only be processed in the in-house goldsmiths of the kadó manufactory in Mönchengladbach.

Prices – what does the gold grading cost?

The base price is 180 euros (220 CHF) per ring for up to 6 characters or a date with 6 numbers.A further 15 Euro (18 CHF) is charged per additional letter/number.

A cost estimate may have to be prepared for complex special characters.

Gold Gradation of KadÓ 3

What can I still engrave with the gold gradation?

Not only rings, but also other jewelery can be refined with the gold gradation – also cufflinks and pendants, as well as the kadogs for dog neck straps!