Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day The Diamond Cut Heart-Shaped 1

Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day: The Diamond Cut Heart-Shaped

Largest heart cut diamonds enjoy popularity in the run-up to Valentine’s day. For this reason I would like to introduce now closer the heart-shaped diamond cut. As we now know it, he is a variation of the classical brilliant cut, which it resembles in the arrangement of the facets.

For the grinder, the heart diamond cut represents a special challenge because of its complicated shape and demands from high skill and craftsmanship. The beauty of a diamond can come into effect only in a perfectly executed cut. When purchasing a gemstone in the heart-shaped diamond cut, it is important to note above all a balanced and harmonious shape with a smooth outline.

Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day The Diamond Cut Heart-Shaped 1

Outstanding Gems In The Heart-Shaped Diamond Cut

One of the most famous gemstones in the heart-shaped diamond cut is the the blue heart diamond, who is now in the Smithsonian to see institution in Washington, D.C.. The imposing size of 30,82 carats and its extremely rare diamonds deep blue color, he is a very special piece of gloss.

There is still a further, very familiar heart-shaped diamonds, which is mainly in relation to the upcoming Valentine’s day of interest – the Taj Mahal diamond. It is it a historic gem from the 17th century, appropriately named after the Indian monument of love to his diamond cut.Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day The Diamond Cut Heart-Shaped 2


1972 Richard Burton donated a necklace with the Taj Mahal diamonds Elizabeth Taylor for her 40th birthday – also if he rather would have handed over the entire Taj Mahal you.

This diamond is different of the today’s most common faceted heart cut through its surface, with a Persian inscription but still very strong. What woman would not enjoy a precious stone in a beautiful heart-shaped diamond cut to Valentine’s day? This 30-Carat or a historically significant diamonds to buy doesn’t have one Yes one.

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