Gemstone Jewellery with Floral Motifs in Spring Colors – There’s Anticipation For the Warm and Sunny Days Coming Up 1

Gemstone Jewellery with Floral Motifs in Spring Colors – There’s Anticipation For the Warm and Sunny Days Coming Up

It’s spring! Our flowers due to collection with flowers of sparkling color precious stones in spring colors of your choice now also appears as a seasonal coherent subject on our Web site.

The rich tradition of flower jewelry – today is they remained alive

Flowers are among the oldest and most natural jewelry pieces. Already thousands of years, the different cultures combine special meanings with the beautiful plants. So was the Lotus flower in the ancient Egyptians as a symbol for the Sun and a pure heart. Also in the subsequent civilizations enjoyed flowers and floral motifs of great popularity. The Greeks were especially simplistische, simplified designs spread.
Flowers are predestined to serve as sources of inspiration for creative jewelry. Especially in employment types of color provides you with an important, particularly the spring colors. This color palette consists of warm, bright and light colours of flowers blooming this time of year, which create the impression of a sun-drenched and each has a gentle Golden hue.

Coloured gemstones as a starting point for imaginative jewelry creations

Gemstone Jewellery with Floral Motifs in Spring Colors – There’s Anticipation For the Warm and Sunny Days Coming Up 1

As well as the flowers, so the fascination exerted on people of color precious stones has a long history. The oldest evidence of a processing of gemstones come from the Middle Stone age. The coloured gemstones in ancient Greek culture had a very high priority and assuming they found their way into the Roman and the Byzantine civilization. At the time of the Renaissance, the coloured gemstones were associated with different zodiac signs.
Even today, certain healing powers and effects are attributed to different color precious stones. Of course there is no reliable scientific evidence for the positive charisma of coloured gemstones, is sure, however, that they have an influence on us. Or how could otherwise the unbroken attraction explained, that radiated from them?

Precious stones in spring colors – Blue Topaz, citrine, Peridot and tourmaline

Citrine gem named after his warm lemon yellow color with a golden glow is ideal for suitable to spread joy and happiness.
The light green peridot is reminiscent of fresh green meadows in its colour. He was also a long time under the Greek name of Chrysolite due to its warm hue (German: Goldstein) known. A positive effect on the attitude towards life is attributed to this color gemstone.
The tourmaline gemstone group includes a wide range of color; Pink has the color to red variety, which is also called Rubellite, of the blooming spring tulips. Due to its warm and intensely colored appearance is the Red tourmaline said that he supports dynamic and joie de vivre.
There are also Topazes in the various shades; the warm sky blue of the Blue Topaz is very nice – it reminds of sunny, cloudless spring days.

The flowers collection by RENÉSIM – luxurious floral decoration with flowers from gems in spring colors

Gemstone Jewellery with Floral Motifs in Spring Colors – There’s Anticipation For the Warm and Sunny Days Coming Up 2

Spring pur! So, the motto for the flowers could be collection, which was created by Franz and Maximilian Hemmerle for RENÉSIM. The idea was created in 2010 during a walk in the Parisian Tuileries when the first spring flowers were blooming. The fascinating, quiet harmony of nature in the spring aroused the desire to design jewelry that emulating the freshly blown flowers in its beauty concentrated on the essentials. The main focus laid on Franz, and Maximilian Hemmerle the magical colours of the petals, which are faceted jewels from five at the flowers put together-cut, colored gems in the form of drops. The middle area is formed by a gem brilliant cut. Goal was to using large color gem, so that the flower motifs can have their full effect.
For the petals of the prêt à-Porter 750er Weißgold models were the aforementioned coloured gemstones in spring colors – Blue Topaz, Peridot, citrine, tourmaline and white Topaz – used. Ever a polished to a round shape, colorless aquamarine is the center of the flowers. At their sight, one thinks immediately of Sun-drenched spring meadows.
Rings that are topped with a sparkling precious stone flower, and earrings are in the collection, the choice of one or two flowers decorated. The rings made of precious metal are what continue to each other connects the pieces of jewelry. They serve, for example, when the flowers bracelets as links between the various color gemstone exquisitely faceted petals.
Our flowers offer is complemented by three models for jewelry pendant, varying with one or at the flowers pendant large of three sparkling spring flowers.
As an alternative to the five coloured petals, also designs in Rosé gold with colour this tuned red and pink tourmalines are in our prêt à-Porter offer. The Central stone brilliant cut here is a diamond.

Gemstone Jewellery with Floral Motifs in Spring Colors – There’s Anticipation For the Warm and Sunny Days Coming Up 3
The flowers are grouped in a very simple and yet sophisticated way jewelry pieces. The medium-sized gem brilliant cut is held by five prongs, the petals are made of two prongs and rest upon a ring made of precious metal. This will make it possible that light in the coloured gemstones may be also from the bottom and thus the enchanting splendor and her sparkle in spring colors is especially well.

An unlimited range of color precious stones for the jewels of the flowers collection

In addition to our prêt à-Porter as a possibility, we offer models to configure the jewels according to your own preferences. On the one hand we have prepared designs for this with compilations of different color precious stones for you, on the other hand they can choose any gem itself. For this purpose, you can choose from our wide range of color precious stones.

You interested for one of our prêt à-Porter pieces of jewelry or want to put together piece of jewelry or another spring-like creation your personal flowers yourself? Feel free to contact us: contact.