Fashion Lag Silver Garden 1

Fashion Lag Silver Garden

The Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Laguna; the municipality of Torreón and Penoles was honored to celebrate the sparkle of silver through a plataforma business, in its second edition and visual: “El Jardín de la Plata”. This month graduated from Silver Lake, school of jewellery in silver, 16 jewelry designers which have prepared their collections; on this occasion they were inspired by the trends dictated by Swarovski Elements crystals to 2013/14. Thus, Silver Lake contributes to the development of a new productive vocation and the avant-garde, in the Lagunera Region.

Graduates of the sixth generation of Silver jewelry designers are listed on

  • Ana Gabriela Segura Lanz
  • Aurelia Enriquez Cervantes
  • Barbara Madero Sordo
  • Elvira Smith roses
  • Enedina Elizabeth Espinoza Garcia
  • Esperanza de la Cruz Mendoza Wong
  • Gabriela Villa Seanez
  • Guadalupe Elena Macias lettuce
  • Juan Pablo Flores Zendejas
  • Leticia Canel Winder
  • Marcela Patricia Chávez Vélez
  • Xiaoqian Wang
  • Norma Angelica pineapple soda
  • Patricia Ramirez Rodriguez
  • Ruth Leticia Velez Zapata
  • Yolanda Escandon Jimenez

Fashion Lag Silver Garden 1

They reflected his inspiration in the four trends, according to the reflections of Swarovski Crystal: Classic, Romantica-oscura, progressive and Glamorosa; in this last focused on the concept of graduation to go to a garden where he lives the silver and glamour Queen in their tones cake and contrasts with the other three trends. Placing glamour with the presence of cars AUDI CENTER LAGUNA.

The trends were translated and shared Silver Lake students by its director, designer Pineda Damian Isaac. Thanks to the support of crystals Swarovski Elements, new talent in the design of jewellery are inspired and can go ahead with concept, suggested shapes, materials, colors and accents.

16 new talent who have graduated from Silver Lake presented their collections on Thursday, June 6 at Country Club Laguna, in point 18:00 hours, in a great event of catwalk and display; In addition, counted with the support of a godmother of luxury: Designer and businesswoman Maria Flora. The fashion models wore dresses by the designer Zara towers of Torreon Coahuila and jewelry designers of Silver Lake.

Fashion Lag Silver Garden 2

This celebration was sheltered with a prior event of sale of jewelry, which took place at Las Mañanitas, in the Cuatro Caminos square store. The event was opened to the public in general, which could appreciate and buy the sixth generation jewelry collections. Without a doubt, this platform of fashion in jewelry the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Laguna, is innovating and transforming the business vision with their would-be entrepreneurs and designers of silver in the Comarca Lagunera.

This Alliance of fashion, culture and design tells us that a project with a very important effort in relation to the added value of the lagunera silver, with the model that promotes the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Laguna, the R. Ayuntamiento de Torreón and Peñoles, so that in the near future it has great designers and jewelry business is brewing in La Laguna , and thus to detonate a Center silversmith who has proposed, concept, brands, trends, culture and design, which in turn attract tourism to the Comarca Lagunera. Audi Center Laguna supports this Fashion Lag since its first edition, and create possible the transformation and growth of Torreon through art platero, with high value in the design and fashion links.

Fashion Lag Silver Garden 3