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The world-famous Faberge eggs are ornaments in the form of Easter eggs by Carl Peter Faberge (or his workshop) were made in St. Petersburg between 1885 and 1917. This was commissioned by Czar Alexander III, for his wife, an extraordinary piece of jewelry to customize – is inextricably an ornately decorated egg from email, one of the most important symbols of the Russian Easter customs, which linked name Faberge.

90 years later after Peter Carl Faberge fled Russia before the revolution, the brand wants to connect to the old glory again. Under the new investor Pallinghurst in London 2009 were withdrawn all licenses (up to the watches) to Faberge with the 1st Faberge high bijoux collection since 1917 to launch and positioning – with a totally new business concept that is unique for the high bijoux industry.

Faberge 1

A new Web concept was developed together with IBM. An interactive online flagship arrives individually to the customer. It continues a detailed visual presentation of the jewel interested parties from the first information about personal advice up to the end of the purchase. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in 12 languages. Personally, the piece of jewelry is brought the customers to any place of the world. The company is supported in their innovative idea wholeheartedly by the family Faberge.

Unique Items from the House of Faberge

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The new high bijoux collection is exclusively unique, no replicas, but rather a whole new collection with the soul of Faberge. The wealth of the Russian Fables served as inspiration for the collection as well as the fascination of Carl Faberge’s in the world of flora. Tropical flowers and plants were very popular with the Russian aristocracy and bore witness to wealth. These included the famous “stone flower” by Faberge. Russian fairy tales and folklore tell of mythical animals, like the bird of fire, or sea horse.

A Faberge boutique opened in December 2009 in Geneva in the Rue Pierre Fatio 5, after the design of the famous Spaniard Jaime Hayon.

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