Faberge The Rebirth of an Icon 1

Faberge: The Rebirth of an Icon

With jewels occupied, masterfully produced each with a fascinating history from the time of the Romanov imperial family: the egg pendant of a new series of Haute Joaillerie collection Les Saisons Russes from the Faberge firm. The jewelry pieces are the first that come under the authentic name Faberge on the market since 1917.

Under the name “Les Fameux of Faberge”, the firm has created a series of high-end bijoux with twelve egg pendants. They are a tribute to the Easter eggs that had made Carl Peter Faberge for the Russian imperial family, Romanow for more than 100 years ago. Each of the new pieces of bijoux is unique and to have 100 000 to 600 000 US dollars.

Each Egg is an old Russian Proverb

Faberge The Rebirth of an Icon 1

The design of the jewelry pieces each reflects an old Russian proverb. So as the Diaghilev egg stands for: “everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it.” Circles of diamonds were combining with rubies. Due to the pressure on a gemstone opens a small drawer set with diamonds, in a matching trailer comes to the fore. “A gift is better than a promise” is the motto of the Ribbon egg. It is decorated with precious stones and a link bracelet, which muster go back to traditional Russian materials from the era of the tsars of Russia.

Cherries from Precious Stones and a Nut Made of Gold

The saying “Life is a bowl of cherries” provided the template for the cherries egg. The depicted fruits are formed from precious stones, gold and semi-precious stones. A golden nut, in which is in turn located a golden core is hidden in it. The chimeric egg of “You can’t always get, what you see” is inspired. The jewelry piece shows fish, flower and frog, which can turn turns into fantasy creatures. The number of shiny unique Faberge has aligned with the twelve months of the year.The manufacturer wants to offer more creations in Haute-Joaillerie quality as custom designs in the context of its egg collection.

Faberge The Rebirth of an Icon 2

Second Series in Mini Format

Parallel to his series of high-end bijoux, Faberge has brought even a slightly cheaper collection with egg pendants in mini format on the market. Under the name “Les Frissons de Faberge”, there are 60 models for call prices between 5000 and 70 000 US dollars. Semi-precious stones and minerals such as rock crystal, Chrysoprase, snowflake Obsidian, lavender jade, Jadeite, pink Opal, rutile quartz, Jasper and turquoise as an homage to the rich mineral deposits of the Ural mountains with his fairy tales and legends have been processed.

Inspired Designs from the Life of the Tsar Family Romanov

Each group of 60 supporters of jewelry has its own history, of the Rococo style of the 18th century, Peter Carl Faberge, preferred, on the tales of the minerals and magical stone flowers of the mistress of the Copper Mountain to the many gifts and presents, which constituted an essential part of life at the Imperial Court of Russia.

Faberge The Rebirth of an Icon 3