Engagement Ring Tips Advice 1

Engagement Ring Tips Advice

Choose an engagement ring should be a pleasant experience.

With the sufficient amount of knowledge, enthusiasm for her hand to the woman of your dreams, the exercise should be very nice. On this page you will find the most important things to choose the perfect engagement ring.

Step 1: Be familiar with the vocabulary of jewellery

By giving the impression that you know what you are looking for will increase your confidence and help you communicate more easily with the different sellers of jewelry. Here are some of the terms to know:

Ring shank:

This is the circular part of the ring that is around the finger. It is usually made from gold 18 k, 750/1000 or Platinum 950/1000, even if it can be made from another combination of metals. Gold is yellow in its natural state and is usually combined with another metal for durability. Some prefer the lighter yellow colour of less pure gold as 14K or 10K. White Gold is yellow gold allied with m rate to melt white to give the impression of an off-white color and must be covered with another metal – rhodium – for a brilliant silvery appearance. The veneer wears off usually every 3 years, the House CELINNI offers a refresher of your jewel graciously every 18 months.Platinum is hard, strong and naturally silver but will slightly tarnish finish mirror over time with wear and tear, which is not necessarily a problem.

Pierre: This is the room that contains the stone in place, which is attached to the body of rings. Some jewelry combine a body in yellow gold and Platinum a kitten to have a contrast highlighting the Center stone. It is different types of kittens. The most common is the kitten 6 claws which offers a great beauty of the diamond layout and offers maximum security.

The gemstone is the centerpiece of the ring, usually a diamond, which is a magical and exceptional stone. It is of course possible to make her engagement ring with another stone of the diamond centre.

The 4 C’s of diamond:

These are carat, color, clarity and cut of the stone.

The 5th C: trust

A diamond with a good reputation is the first thing to consider to make an intelligent diamond purchase. Your dealer must have a perfect knowledge of his profession to assist you in this important purchase. Then, still insist on obtaining a diamond certified by an independent laboratory. A good professional will be happy to provide a certificate from an independent laboratory.

Why independent?

To ensure an objective assessment of the diamond. There is always a conflict of interest if the person selling the diamond assure itself.

Why a lab?

A good lab has equipment of last generation. Features such as treatment or artificial magnificence of a stone cannot be detected by sophisticated machinery.

Clearly a certificate is an objective expert opinion. Your diamond certification is a guarantee for you. In addition the certificate itself is worth the money.

Engagement Ring Tips Advice 1

STEP 2: choose a good professional

There is no ideal jeweler, looking for a place where you feel comfortable.Some times, we recommend to our customers to buy a product two or three times more expensive Place Vendôme if this fits his character and especially its portfolio because the important thing is to feel good.

Attention: Be realistic with your budget and not find yourself in the delicate situation to say “the diamond would be just perfect if it was cheaper”

If you can, check that the Professional is a member of a Union room, an interprofessional association. For information the CELINNI House is a member of the Antwerpsche Diamantkring is the gross Diamond Exchange in Antwerp. Only five French companies are referenced. It is the highest court in the world of the diamond.

You can choose the option of the jeweler in showroom or jewelry.

Ask around to your married friends or family for recommendations on a good trusted jeweler.Attention however to the cousin’s ‘boyfriend’ or other knowledge which will guarantee you a great deal. It’s the best way to pay twice the rate, that the ring does not suit necessarily and that customer service is non-existent. That’s why always prefer a structure that has existed for several years and which is sufficiently equipped to satisfy you. Sales on a ‘corner table’ train very often the disappointment.

You can choose the option of buying online can be a good option to get a better price.

To do this you must be prepared to somewhat control the situation (you can think of this as an advantage because there is no pressure buying online is that a good retailer should not put pressure on you). Prefer a website that ships of France its products and has its workshops in France also because follow a parcel on the territory is much simpler and if a measure or any editing is to do, it will be much more secure and fast to do the Routing and work in France. Finally, most foreign internet sites offer prices exclusive of tax, which means that when paying it will add the French VAT rate (about 20%). If you bring a gem from outside of Europe you will be charged freight forwarders in addition to VAT charges. The Bill would become completely disproportionate.

Check with the jeweller its ability to design the matching solitaire diamond wedding ring.

The gemstone is the centerpiece of the ring, usually a diamond, which is a magical and exceptional stone. It this will save you time because it is often nice to not not having to repeat a search.

STEP 3: discover its tastes

Keep in mind that these days, women prefer to be part of the buying decision if it concerns a ring. If you so find it difficult to find his style and his taste, we suggest to provide a temporary ring and tell him that you will choose the final together.

Some of the ways to try to work out what she likes:

  1. Learn generally about his taste for rings.If you pass a jewelry store, just pretend to be interested with the watches. Then from time to time, to make a comment on the style of rings by saying you like some models and ask for his opinion. If you’re good, she will suspect nothing.
  2. Ask the family of ideas for additional information if you do not make them know about your request.
  3. Another ruse is to ask his friends to take him to the shops and to learn about their tastes just for fun.You need an absolute in them confidence so that it keeps the secret. However this is not the best option if you prefer to keep a low profile until the time of the proposal.
  4. Have a checkup of his tastes compared to her clothes and her jewelry.You are best placed to find out their preferences. Use what you see to your advantage.

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Engagement Ring Tips Advice 2

Be sure to pick up diamonds without conflict as part of your selection process.

STEP 4: set your budget.

There is a tradition that the man must use two months of his salary to purchase the engagement ring. Whether you do it or not, is not the most important. What is important is that you select a ring based on what you can afford, so you have a good idea of different amount before you look.

Give the professional your budget so that it can show you which corresponds.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that if you give your budget you will make less of a bargain. Nowadays everything is true on the Internet. Keep in mind the possibility of having a custom engagement ring which is more expensive a ring which is already in store. Talk to the jeweler on price options, the calendar and the styles that are possible.

STEP 5: check that the ring fits the lifestyle of your fiancée.

If it has a constant activity and sharp with these hands it is preferable to consider a ring that is able to cope with the daily wear of activities. More positioning of the Central stone is high, it is easy for her to is to hang clothes, accessories, hair, etc. as well as the probability of take with shock is important. Looking for a type of seam close to the finger to an active girl, and a higher for a very meticulous person setting.

Click here to find out how to determine your fiancee finger round if it is not with you when buying.

STEP 6: check the durability of the alloy.

STEP 7: know the diamond.
The duration in time of the jewel is important, because the constant rubbing and daily activities will eventually wear the ring. Office use him much jewelry because the paper acts as a mild abrasive on the bands of gold. If you can afford it, Platinum is the preferred choice of the wedding jewelry because it is more durable than the traditional gold. The excellent alternative to Platinum is the gold 800/1000 ring which is less expensive and very qualitative!

Diamonds are the traditional engagement ring choice because they are eternal, they resist to all the trials of life. Choose another type of precious stone if your fiancée is a complete rejection of the diamond and it told you that she preferred something else. When choosing a diamond, be well aware of the “four C’s”, as explained below:


This is the unit of measurement of the diamond which refers to its weight (and not its size). The carat is divided into hundredths or in points (100). Engagement rings are often between 0.50 and 1.00 Carat but it depends of course of your budget. It is possible to buy a 1 Carat Diamond at very low prices as its quality.

Engagement Ring Tips Advice 3


All diamonds have colors that vary a lot and most buyers prefer very white color for an engagement ring diamonds. Colors are graded from D (colourless and rare) to Z (very yellow).Most of the very good quality diamonds lie around between F and H. D to I colors are acceptable on gold white, you can go up to K with gold yellow.

Clarity (purity):

In its natural state, there are imperfections in the diamond. Least there are imperfections, more light is reflected by the diamond, generating a maximum brilliance. Naturally, a better purity increases the value.

The scale used for the purity of quality ranges from FL or IF a diamond without inclusions, VVS1 and VVS2 very slight inclusions, VS1 and VS2 for of very slight inclusions SI1 and SI2 slight inclusions and I1, I2, I3 for imperfect diamonds.

Diamonds are magnified by 10 times to attest to their purity, so up to SI2 inclusions are not visible to the naked eye. This means that there is a range of acceptable available diamonds with budgets masteries. If you can see an inclusion without magnification, think carefully before you buy.

Form and quality of cut:

There are different ways to cut a diamond, and shape impact much on the brilliance of the diamond. The form that produces the most shine is the round (or brilliant). The Emerald has slightly less facet, so it may seem a little less bright. A quality of high quality (not necessarily “Ideal”) size is more important than the weight or color or extreme purity: it is better to have a 1 Carat H/SI1 diamond fine cut rather than a F/VS2 diamond with a small size. The HSI1 will shine much more. When you buy a diamond online you have the quality of size indicated on the certificate.

STEP 8: finalize the choice of the mount.

Once you know their tastes, the alloy and the practical aspect of the ring, you can decide on the design of the diamond ring.

Look for a ring that really looks like a lonely single or accompanied. It’s not any it ring, it is the engagement ring, the ring that your loved one will cherish a lifetime and wear almost every day for the rest of your life together. The loners of the House CELINNI marry current trends as well as those of the past.

If our collection of solitaire diamond is not enough in your eyes, send us on Our site, the idea of the ring of your dreams. We will make you a quotation promptly.

If you choose the ring together, let your girlfriend have the last word.

STEP 9: buy the engagement ring


Ask an expert authorized insurance report. Certificates are very useful to know for a diamond origin and quality. International certificates are generally issued with more diamonds 0.50 Carat. Below you may pay the paper.
Check with your insurance to what extent jewelry are guaranteed at home and if there is no guarantee what are the actions to be undertaken to ensure the ring

Ensure the ring! The ring is likely to be the most expensive piece of jewelry you purchased, and the most expensive that your fiancée has never worn piece. To avoid having to remove it for an insurance assessment, retrieve the document before offering.