Enchanting Sortilege of Cartier 1

Enchanting: Sortilege of Cartier

The who wanders through the orange Garden, the Orange garden of Rome, lies the ancient centre at the foot of the overwhelmed an indescribable feeling between melancholy and happiness. Because you can not stop this moment, you can only so intensively inhale him in the hope that the memory of the look and the smell will never fade. Cartier also has tried to capture this scent and the way of life in the eternal city in his new collection of Sortilege of Cartier.

Enchanting Sortilege of Cartier 1

Sortilege in the French magic means, and the new collection is truly magical. No other place than the sumptuous Rome would have can meet these opulent pieces of jewelry, even if the jewellery and watch company Cartier in 1847 had its origin as a jewelry Studio in Paris.Probably none other than the Italian actress Monica Belluci would have to present better the new collection. The jewelry pieces require a carrier which has a strong presence not from jewelry to be eclipsed. And Monica Belluci.

Inspired by the Magic of Fragrances

Enchanting Sortilege of Cartier 2

Cartier celebrates the new collection as a hymn to the femininity, which arose out of a trip to the Centre of the perfume world. Fragrances pull every woman in the spell, because they give rise to emotions and memories. So came the idea to wrap precious stones in a fragrant atmosphere also at Cartier. So shine the pieces of jewelry for example the nobility of lily of the Valley from, the transparency of aquamarine or the tangy scent of lemon. Cartier has harnessed a total six different fragrance families, to make unique creations.

Enchanting Sortilege of Cartier 3

Enchanting Muses

The campaign photos also radiate this magic. Cartier describes something like his association with the city: “As enchanting muses, women pass through the city to the beat of their desires and the symbol of the opulent splendor of the Italian capital directly on the skin.” Who overwhelmed here not the desire to Rome and an appropriate piece of jewelry on the body…