Elizabeth Taylor and Her Love For Jewels 1

Elizabeth Taylor and Her Love For Jewels

More than $ 137 million – this is the sum which brought the auction of the extensive gem collection of British acting icon Elizabeth Taylor in December 2011. Each of the 270 pieces of jewelry was sold and the price often far exceeded the estimates. This is not surprising – Finally, a very unusual treasures are in the legacy of Elizabeth Taylor and a few particularly prestigious examples will be presented in the following.

The intimate relationship of Elizabeth Taylor to her jewels

A high priority in the life of Elizabeth Taylor came to gems and exquisite jewelry creations. That she reveals itself in her book titled “My Love Affair with jewelry,” from the year 2002, in which she gives insight in their comprehensive jewel treasure. She can participate in the reader to the personal stories, which the gems are available for them in connection with some. Even portrays their motivation to write such memoirs with the words, she wanted share their collection with others, to give them a glimpse of it, how much happiness, excitement and joy have made her this beautiful jewelry creations.

The most prestigious treasures from the legacy of Elizabeth Taylor

The Peregrina Pearl

Initially estimated at a value of two to three million US dollars, the Peregrina scored bead end the absolute record price of $ 11.842.500 (9.118.715 euros roughly). It is a gift for Elizabeth Taylor by one of her seven husbands, Richard Burton, whom she met during the filming of Cleopatra.
Richard Burton showed a pronounced weakness for gem gifts of exceptional historical importance. This applies to bead more than ever the Peregrina, often referred to as the finest Pearl of the world.

Elizabeth Taylor and Her Love For Jewels 1
Their history dates back 500 years, when she was discovered by a slave in the island of Santa Margarita in the Gulf of Panama – as a reward for his fund he allegedly received the freedom. As a result the Peregrina was Pearl of Elizabeth Taylor at the Spanish Royal Court owned by Philip II. In the 17th century, she decorated the two Queens of Margarita and Isabel on portrait images of the legendary artist Diego Velazquez. Napoleon III was one of the proud owners of Peregrina Pearl, and against this background it is not surprising that Richard Burton gave such effort to win the jewel for its Elizabeth Taylor as the 37th birthday gifts and to bid for it at an auction by Sotheby’s for $ 37,000.
Not only the history of the Pearl is notable – even their appearance is amazingly beautiful, and she charmed by their perfect Teardrop shape and her bright white. With its weight of impressive 55,95 carats, it was in the 16th century as the world’s largest Pearl.
Temporarily the Peregrina located Pearl not in Spain, but at Maria I. of England, she was given by Philip II.. A portrait shows the Queen with the Peregrina in a necklace of this representation liked so well that she are such artfully crafted necklace for the jewel had made Pearl and Elizabeth Taylor. This consists of finely matched pearls, rubies and diamonds.

Elizabeth Taylor’s “Taylor-Burton” diamond

Diamond Asia was offered for the 69-karätigen teardrop-shaped Taylor-Burton by a tenderer from the second-highest sum: 8.818.500 USD (equivalent to approximately 6.790.245 euro). For more information about the high-profile gem here: Taylor-Burton diamond.

Elizabeth Taylor and her jewel named after the emblem of India – the Taj Mahal diamond

For the same price as the Taylor-Burton diamond ($8.8 million) was auctioned diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor also the necklace with the Taj Mahal. The name betrays its roots this jewel in Indian culture. And, indeed, was that necklace owned by the ruler of India and is connected with a story of love, greed and hatred.

Elizabeth Taylor and Her Love For Jewels 2
The Indian Mughal Emperor Jahangir Shah (reigned from 1605 to 1627) gave the Taj Mahal diamonds at the end of his reign (1627) as a sign of his affection for his favorite wife, the Queen only Jahan. This is confirmed by the Persian inscription located on the Panel of the Taj Mahal for diamonds. There is to read: “only Jahan Begum padshah, 23, 1037”. In our era, the year 1037 corresponds to the years 1627/28. Later Jahangir Shah died and a violent heritage dispute broke out to its successor position. The new Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, son of Jahangir Shah and stepson of only Jahan, had all his brothers and half-brothers ermordern to secure his position. His stepmother was only Jahan while spared, was placed under arrest however.
The Taj Mahal diamond, Mumtaz Mahal, favorite wife of the new ruler was donated after her early death in 1628 Shah Jahan commissioned the construction of the Taj Mahal, to create an impressive monument to his love for her. In this context, the diamond, which should later decorate Elizabeth Taylor was named.
The necklace with the Taj Mahal is a testimony to the high skill of the craftsman at the time of the Indian Mughal diamond. The heart-shaped, polished smooth Taj Mahal is located in the Centre of the trailer by Elizabeth Taylor diamond in a holder made of grey jade, which is located on a surface made of enamelled gold. In the Jade in a narrow heart-shaped cut-out located in the rectangular table grinding an ongoing series from Red Spinels. Twelve smooth diamonds in diamond shape using a golden version of the frame are attached to the outer edge of the Jade heart. The back of the trailer by Elizabeth Taylor consists of Gold decorated with enamelled grid.
First, the chain of the Colliers consisted of a silk gold cord; in 1972, when Elizabeth Taylor got the Taj Mahal Diamond by Richard Burton for her 40th birthday, she had a gold with rubies in the cabochon cut and antique cut diamonds adorned necklace replace them with, which is similar in appearance to the original woven silk ribbon.
According to his own words had Richard Burton rather given the Taj Mahal itself its Elizabeth Taylor, but the transport, cost so he adds too much.

The fascinating pieces of jewelry by Elizabeth Taylor

Other gems from the legacy of Elizabeth Taylor were sold for several million dollars. So a brooch with this matching necklace, which is studded with emeralds and diamonds, a Sautoir (a chain up to reaching the navel) with sapphires and diamonds, a ring with diamonds arranged around a Ruby to a flower, and tiara of the late 19th century, which received them one of their husbands with the words “You’re my Queen” by Mike Todd, for example.
Their passion for exquisite gems and jewels Elizabeth Taylor said once, although you could not cry on the shoulder of a diamond and a diamond could not warm at night one, but, when the Sun is shining diamonds give the purest pleasure.

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Elizabeth Taylor and Her Love For Jewels 3

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