Earrings for Different Occasions 1

Earrings for Different Occasions

Faced with a plethora of earrings fantasy commercially available, it is not always easy to make a wise choice.

Because more of its morphology and its tastes, consider granting its held at its ears jewelry properly.

What earrings fantasy in the office?

If today, dress codes to work are much less strict previously, it is however necessary to observe a few rules, including discretion. This also applies to the jewelry and fancy earrings. It is, of course, commonly admitted that women can wear this type of accessories at the office, but it goes without saying that these should be no ostentatious sign.

Earrings for Different Occasions 1

It is therefore recommended to use earrings discrete, sober and suited to his professional practice. Small hoops, pearls or even slightly hanging loops will be perfect to blend elegantly in a professional landscape. Your earrings need to bring a touch of elegance to your outfit, but shall in no way become a point of attachment for your contacts, which could hurt your business.

What evening fancy earrings?

Unlike the professional world, the private sphere provides more opportunities! An evening promises? Maybe that’s you the opportunity to wear jewelry of ears a bit larger or original. Of course, moderation must stay put. Avoid the temptation ofornament earrings, fancy, necklace and bracelet, which often has a particularly unsightly effect too much .

Earrings for Different Occasions 2

Also, be aware that all forms of earrings do not agree to some morphologies. Thus, rather angular faces will be more highlighted by danglingjewelry that will tend to lengthen the lines. Long faces, in contrast, will be sublimated by more rounded and imposing forms which will bring a roundness.

What earrings fantasy at her wedding?

Certainly, some odd evening or friends will soon be forgotten. But if there is one day where the error is not permitted, it is her wedding day! And now, the task turns out to be complicated by the fact that new parameters be taken into account: type of wedding dress, hairstyle and other jewelry… If you plan to wear a rather massive necklace, it is better to provide some cheap fashion earrings of WHOLESALEABLY, and vice versa. If you opt for hanging earrings, prefer models to fine curves that draw too much attention. Some brides choose earrings that remind grounds to their dress (Rhinestones, pearls…). Feel free to do the fittings to the harmony of the whole. This will allow you also to test the weight of all the jewelry together and make adjustments if necessary.

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