Dream Come True With A Beautiful Wedding In Sierra 1

Dream Come True With A Beautiful Wedding In Sierra

Maria Fernanda And Roberto

Their story began 18 years ago, when they met in a matinee. It took years of lost in translation that could be the plot of a novel with many chapters. The happy ending began to be written in 2014, when the future couple crossed in a bar in the Leblon.”Definitely, that trip to the Jobi was against my wishes, but our blessed friend Gabriel insisted, so I went … Thanks to God! It was a very special night, in which I found the man of my life”, melts Maria Fernanda. Exactly two months later, they were going steady. 1 daythe July has become significant in the life of the couple. On this date, in 2014, they began dating. In 2016, they got engaged, and in 2017, the dream of trading alliances.

And a year was more than enough for them to organise the wedding, which had set the House of the bride’s family saw. The couple made a point of being ahead of all the details of the preparations, and not even the ceremonial exchange a few weeks, the Party stressed. “How everything was arranged for the two of us, it was possible to perform this Exchange missing little time for the wedding.

Dream Come True With A Beautiful Wedding In Sierra 1

The first ceremonial didn’t work well and we were insecure. Already the Flavia, of the Ceremonial Les Amies, was excellent despite the little time we had to get acquainted with everything. She ended up bringing a lot of peace of mind for the people”, praises Nanda.

Light Decor And Countryside

Light shades, white flowers and the integrated nature of the proposal. So was the décor signed by Carla Vidal, which featured furniture from Chiavari-furniture and objects for events, the beautiful floral arrangements of Anderson Barcellos, the landscaping of the HortoArt and Seriflexawnings.”The Decorator photographed exactly what we’d like, exceeding our expectations. The only thing I would do differently would be to put a footbridge linking the awning area bathrooms. As it rained, this area ended up with a little mud. Bet on a mistake of meteorology that didn’t happen,”confesses Maria Fernanda.

Dress With The Personality Of The Bride

Dream Come True With A Beautiful Wedding In Sierra 2

You know the rule that the dress has to match the style of the wedding? The Nanda even tried to follow her but, in the end, it was true to your style.”Initially, I imagined something more fluid and countryside since the wedding will be in the garden. However, when I went in, I fell in love with a Pronovias dress different than you had imagined, but that was my man. My advice is try several models and choose the one that has more do with you and not necessarily with the local party. My dress was with lace and glitter on the front and with a plunging neckline in the back, even though that would be cool”, details.

The Big Day

The only thing that took the couple’s quiet moments before the ceremony was the weather. “We were more concerned with the forecast of rain than nervous. It didn’t rain during the ceremony, which was open, but then we get into the party. We’ve been very blessed, “says the bride.

Dream Come True With A Beautiful Wedding In Sierra 3

After the exchange of rings, it was time to celebrate in style the marriage. And Nanda says the party was beyond excited. “We seek the most respected DJs of the market (in Rastropop), because we believe that the DJ is the real life of the party! And the MC Marcio G also broke the track and was the highlight of the party. It was a really memorable wedding “, concludes the bride.