DIY Choker 1

DIY: Choker

Good morning!

Today I bring you a DIY very feminine and something that is very fashionable.

We are going to make a choker.

For it just need:





Loop (I’ve used one elastic velvet)

Some ornamentmaking:

DIY Choker 1

It’s very, very easy. First we will measure the neck loop and cut one centimeter less of the length that we measured.

Then, in each of the ends we will put a piece like this:

It is readily available in stores of beads or Chinese bazaars.

I wanted to put an trim, so before putting it in the second end, I introduced a washer to be able to hook motif, since it is easier to enter it when there is only a loop and is not even close.

I have closed parts of the ends with a pair of pliers. Does not need to have some small specifics of beads, I use a normal (that stole them to my father in his Toolbox, hehe)

Once we have implemented parts of the ends, we have to attach seals to them with some washers. Can be manipulated with the same pliers used previously: open a little, will introduce the pieces and then closes with the same tool.

DIY Choker 2

Forgive my as well painted nail xD

Now is the time to prove you the choker on your neck. If it looks good, perfect, and you’ll have it finished. If it’s something small, I I’ve ever done is to add one washer to the end that does not close, as are some necklaces that we buy in the shops. If you big, should be open again the part of one of the ends, remove tie, cut another piece with scissors and repeat the process. That is why I recommend that when you measure the neck, you paper always downward than upward, since it is easier to add washers that cut loop 😉

And voila! We have our new choker:

I have many facts: red, pink, Bordeaux, black, etc. Some with ornament and others without it. Each loop costs less than 30 cents and the beads go for that price also. I.e., that for less than a euro have a necklace new and to our liking.

I was encouraged to do them when I saw that Amancio Ortega sold them in their stores for about 10 euros.

DIY Choker 3

So, you know. If you urge, please do not hesitate to share your creation with the hasthtag social networking #DIYlivarelunae.

A big kiss!