Diamonds As An Investment - Quality Criteria, Which to Consider 1

Diamonds As An Investment – Quality Criteria, Which to Consider

In recent months, it was to read that growing prosperity in India and China will lead to a strong growth in demand for diamonds in the media again and again. In addition, the gems because of the economic uncertainty and the resulting overall tendency to property are very popular. At the same time is to be expected with a scarcity of natural resources of this gem, so to assume a significant price increase is. Diamonds increasingly as an investment are interesting for this reason. A purchase of investment diamonds raises but also difficulties and should be therefore deliberate.

Diamonds as an investment – the difficulties in determining price

Diamonds there in various sizes, shades and degrees of purity, their edges can be carried out carelessly or carefully – given this diversity, it is a challenge to be able to estimate their price not only for amateurs, but also for experienced professionals. That’s why you should buy only certified diamonds as an investment. Prestigious institutions such as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) have a sophisticated system as applicable to graduate the gems. In the following, a little insight in the complicated process of evaluation will be granted, you.

Diamonds and their carat weight

The carat weight of the diamonds is determined exactly when the GIA with the help of an electronic micro scale to five decimal places. Those who are interested in diamonds as an investment, should be keep in mind, that in retrospect considered the value increase in the rare gems with high carat numbers (a carat and more) was significantly higher than in those with lower Carat numbers.

The importance of color in diamonds as an investment

Special care can be the GIA for the classification of the color exercise. Lighting and background have a huge impact on the look of here, which is why diamonds are all evaluated under standard viewing conditions. Objectivity is achieved by comparing several independently created opinions. In General, you should place diamonds as an investment in the color on a high quality (color D, E, F, G or H).

Diamonds As An Investment - Quality Criteria, Which to Consider 1

The purity of diamonds

The evaluation of cleanliness is just as expensive. As for paint the opinions of various experts obtained here, which explore the diamonds under the microscope in tenfold magnification on impurities. In addition, you express their opinions about the symmetry and the polishing. This step also verifies whether any signs indicate an artificial treatment.
Diamonds as an investment 2 (very very small inclusions) VVS1 / VS1/2 (very small inclusions) should have a very good degree of purity from IF (internally flawless).

The brilliant cut diamonds as an investment

The only form of cut diamonds, for which there is precisely defined criteria for determining quality, is the brilliant cut. The GIA considered the proportions of the diamond, his Polish and symmetry in this context also be fire and sparkle.
Diamonds, which are used as an investment, should ideally be evaluated in the cut with at least very good, but with excellent .
The brilliant cut can be the easiest sell again due to its large distribution.

Diamonds as an investment – you should be aware that

A longer-term value assurance from three to ten years those who opt for diamonds as an investment, should intend to. The coveted gemstones of less are suitable for short-term speculation.
Two different strategies are offered when buying it. One way is to put on very large, extremely rare diamonds with exquisite quality criteria. Because these gemstones are highly coveted treasures, is to assume that their price will rise in the long term. Today, fans prizes will be paid for exceptionally high-quality diamonds.
A second possibility is to choose one-carat stone in very good or excellent touches in the colors of E, F, G, or H and with a purity of VS1/2. They are considered the Favorites for diamond and engagement rings. The demand will increase even after them in the coming years through the new markets in India, Brazil and China.

Colored diamonds as an investment

Sparkling white diamonds are ravishingly beautiful and precious, but there are gems that fetch even higher prices due to their huge rarity: The so-called fancy diamonds. Them is colored diamonds that fall outside the usual scale from D to Z. In principle, there are diamonds in all colors, but the white and light toned gems make up by far the largest of.

Diamonds As An Investment - Quality Criteria, Which to Consider 2
The biggest increase in value was historically at the Fancy Diamonds. According to the investor’s Publisher doubled their price over the period of the every six to seven years last 35 years. Colored diamonds are so interesting as an investment.
Other standards apply to the assessment of the Fancy diamonds than usual. So it’s up to them less brilliance and fire, as rather on the color intensity. Rich and distinct tones achieve most often the highest prices. As a canary yellow, an intense pink, or a deep blue is especially sought after.
With the GIA, the three characteristics play a role in the classification of the Fancy diamonds hue (hue), tone (colour brightness), and saturation (color intensity). As for the White Diamond, graduation is a complex and time-consuming undertaking. First, it is selected the appropriate under standard viewing conditions from a palette of 27 colours and specified by terms such as Fancy Light (bright colour), Fancy Intense (more intense shade) or Fancy Vivid (living colour) in the next step.

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Diamonds As An Investment - Quality Criteria, Which to Consider 3
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