Diamond innovations of the Brothers Schaffrath 1

Diamond innovations of the Brothers Schaffrath

Diamond innovations of the Brothers Schaffrath.

Brothers Schaffrath in Hanau is a company of a special kind. Since 1923 the coveted material extruded carbon revolves around at the diamond factory. So have also the great-grandson of the company founder, Alexander Leuz and Christian Schaffrath only one in mind: diamonds and what all can do this extravagant.

Who to the Federal State of Hesse only Appelwoi and Documenta, it occurred can now supplement his knowledge to a third word: diamonds. For almost ninety years, and now in its fourth generation family-run, the traditional devoted to Brothers Schaffrath in Hanau near Frankfurt am Main of the fine jewellery. Under the direction of jewelry designer Alexander Leuz and Home Christian Schaffrath created here collections with technical refinement, which allow the wearer a completely new approach with their jewel – a new perspective on diamond jewelry anyway.

Diamond innovations of the Brothers Schaffrath 1

Craig David has Made Zoom

Is a ring a ring? Not true. A ring is also a Bangle – at least if he comes from the Hera Zoom collection. Here the name is program: the ring is designed to allow pull apart like a grid. So he can be on different fingers, as well as in the maximum aspect ratio as a bracelet. Singer Craig David, who could not resist the zoom and tweeted in August 2012 is one of the youngest fans: “found this dope diamond ring that U can adjust the size yourself.” had to buy one 2 rock shows! Out site”

Floating Diamonds of the Freedom Collection

The playful use of the material in the foreground, is available in the Hera Zoom collection collection is the fire of the perfectly polished diamonds moving freely in the rings of the Freedom. An artful construction makes it possible: the diamond floats freely between two rings, of which the outer one so fine and narrow is that he holds the stone almost invisibly in its balance.

Diamond innovations of the Brothers Schaffrath 2

Vendetta – Dangerously Beautiful and Irresistible

Vendetta – homage to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet was inspired by one of the most passionate love stories of world literature in the Studio of Alexander Leuz collection. Each piece of jewelry is made of Platinum and provided with an inner ring of artificial Ruby. In an appropriate light, reflected the color of the inlays in the mounted diamonds and gives them – a consuming passion additional fire. So much expressive power must be rewarded, thought also the jury of the international jewellery fair in Basel and awarded the Platinum design award 2012 Divina the collection pieces. Like a goddess, every woman should feel comfortable, who wears a ring from the innovative diamond manufacture – even if her name is not Julia.

Diamond innovations of the Brothers Schaffrath 3