Definition Fashion Jewelry–What Types Of Jewelry Include 1

Definition Fashion Jewelry–What Types Of Jewelry Include?

Because we but often have questions about the different jewelry materials with us, would we together make you from immediately a small jewelry ABC just once to answer the most frequently asked questions. The first question, we would like to answer is the so-called definition of fashion jewelry. What exactly is so officially fashion jewelry?To do this we would quote as first Wikipedia of course:

The word “Jewelry” was established in the 1920s, when Coco “spurious” jewelry Chanel suit designed to their collections. The lion’s share of the fashion jewelry was and is done but not by stylists, but designed in large factories and made. By the end of the 19th to the middle of the 20th century were the most important fashion jewelry centers far away from any fashion capitals, namely in Idar-Oberstein, Jablonec nad Nisou, Providence, USA, and later in Neugablonz. The fashion jewelry is serially produced jewelry out of simple materials in contemporary design that was affordable for a large number of people and is. The composition of different materials in different shapes, colors and varied surface effects allows a huge variety of products.

Definition Fashion Jewelry–What Types Of Jewelry Include 1

Thus any jewelry that was not made of pure precious metals, is one jewelry usually called real, in the field of fashion jewelry. So fashion jewelry can be made from simple metal, imitation pearls, rhinestones and so on. The material is easier and cheaper, is made of fashion jewelry, of course the final product and the quality thus acquired is the cheaper. Where there to buy more and more high-quality fashion jewelry, fashion jewelry is affordable for everyone. Today online and on-site in the shops offered more and more is whether now known’s like Thomas Sabo, fossil, Michael Kors, etc or are also smaller brands, also the medium price segment.So, every woman will find their perfect niche. If you like cheap sets on fashion jewelry metal, which is always the latest trends and modern. Who but rather something in the long term would enjoy its fashion jewelry who can buy the more expensive fashion jewelry from gold-plated or silver-plated metal, as well as genuine silver and those who put on complete luxury, the jewelry made of real gold or white gold jewelry pieces still remain.

Definition Fashion Jewelry–What Types Of Jewelry Include 2

If you’re wondering now, what now gold plated and silver plated means we want to explain this briefly. We actually all know real gold and real silver. Of course, there are differences but also both gold and silver. The most common trade names for gold are 333 (equivalent to approx. 33.3% pure gold), 585er (equivalent to about 58.5% gold) as well as 750 (equivalent to approx. 75% gold).The higher the number, the pure so the percentage of gold. Sure, you know the term carat, this is also very often used in jewelry and can be used as an alternative to the 333, 585er and 750. 24 carat, for example, corresponds to 999 gold, making it the highest purity, which is about 99.99%. According to gold, this is so mixed with other metals, what is essential for the production of jewelry to the part. Pure gold is very soft, for example, and could not be used for a ring or a bracelet.

classify. In this country only takes Silver 925 one actually. And as for the gold the value of 92.5% pure silver is also silver hereby. Silver is cheaper compared to gold, a lot of course and is therefore often used as an alternative to metal. Who like wearing jewelry in Rosé gold or gold, must rely on gold plated silver.

Definition Fashion Jewelry–What Types Of Jewelry Include 3

When the gild the question how many layers as a whole were applied then arises and what kind of gold. As also at the real gold jewelry, also the price of a gold-plated piece of jewellery is set then.