Courage to the Brooch 1

Courage to the Brooch

Give a medal: with the brooches of uniqueness.

The brooch is a difficult piece of jewelry, it is considered somewhat stiff and old-fashioned. One imagines her high-necked long black aunt and you see them much on yellowed photos from the flea market. But the decades away from the fashionable events have done well the brooch, and who today wears a brooch, needs above all one: the courage to the extravagance.

As part of the Crown jewels of the brooch has always been tall and striking, and mostly of incredible value, because she wore a generously-sized gemstone in the Center.

Courage to the Brooch 1

A fine example of a particularly extravagant version of the gem type from recently is the “Flamingo” brooch of the Duchess of Windsor, to marvel at the time in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in the exhibition “The art of Cartier”. Made of Platinum, gold, diamonds, it is rectangular emeralds, sapphires, rubies and a citrine, the unspoken star of the show. But who can already afford such a piece? Even if we want to know about the financial circumstances of our readers, nor evaluate: probably almost no one. And who has the money, spends more on Colliers or fired the current trend towards the engagement bling in egg size.

Give a Medal

But there are great alternatives to materially impossible brooches: why, at the end of his anniversary on the occasion of his 300th birthday again the honour be the “old Fritz” and take a real fashion tip from him? Decorations and medals on the lapel are just trendy.

Courage to the Brooch 2

Purchase you can cheap on flea markets or antique shops, and what gave Year Then military orders, adds a nostalgic touch to your coat today. Who wants to wear nothing, what hung on the shoulder of a Prussian general, we recommend the brooches of uniqueness – so you can give practically your own order of merit itself.

Campaign for Rosettes

Another current brooch trend is the rosette or so-called price loop – riders know what they look like, and American election worker or other campaign operator the jewelry loop very familiar, which often entwined the likeness of a supported candidates. As price grinding the flashy rosettes usually consist of synthetic, in fashion, they are from moire, taffeta and satin. An interesting variation this season of Sweet & Gabbana offers, with rosettes, precious stones adorn in whose centre – Frayed real, however, so can afford the trend also uncrowned heads.

Courage to the Brooch 3