ClemÈNcia Peris Symbol of Elegance in Engagement Rings and Alliances

ClemÈNcia Peris: Symbol of Elegance in Engagement Rings and Alliances

Engagement rings and wedding bands are one of the most symbolic objects in a marriage, icons that have passed through centuries of traditions with the aim of representing the union of two people in love through times of prosperity and adversity, in Health and illness for the rest of their lives.

ClemÈNcia Peris Symbol of Elegance in Engagement Rings and Alliances

That is why it is not easy to make a decision when choosing the perfect jewel for the perfect moment, so we bring you some of the innovative options of the acclaimed Clemència Perisbrand so you do not hesitate and make the right decision.

Clemència Peris: 38 years designing history

This brand of handmade jewelry has redefined the standards of exclusivity and beauty since 1979 , the year in which its young founder Clemència Peris Barba, recently graduated in Applied Arts and Artistic Crafts Jewelery specialty, would start in her small workshop a company of meticulous craftsmanship and Visionary contemporary designs that would resonate in the most influential circles of Barcelona of the last century. Then, thanks to the distinction and fame gained with its pieces, in 1991 it would open its first shop-design studio in Terrassa, Spain.

From that point, the brand has traveled through a long history of outstanding clientele, exhibitions and awards, such as when it received the first prize for jewelry at the national level from the De Beers firm and was responsible for the design of the awards at the Olympics Of 1992 for winners in hockey. In this way, the legendary firm has left a mark on the world of Spanish and international jewelry, being named one of the top 50 jewelry designers in the world at the Diamond Awards 2000, the only Spanish in such a privileged post after competing Against 2500 other designers from 42 countries around the world Impressive!

Catalan vision in gold and diamonds

ClemÈNcia Peris Symbol of Elegance in Engagement Rings and Alliances 1

The firm Clemència Peris is responsible for making each piece unique and tailor-made, seeking avant-garde and cosmopolitan inspiration of the heart and air Barcelonés, using classic materials for their rings as diamonds and gold, the latter giving an innovative touch not only using yellow gold , Also incorporating gold rose, black and white of the best quality, so that you can surprise your partner with a unique ring in its class.

Diamonds, the best friends of an engagement

Among their numerous collections they offer you solitaires with precious stones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires and rare black diamonds. However, the real protagonists are the exclusive white diamonds, since we all know of the power that a diamond has in a lady, capable of catching legends like queens, actresses and every woman who admires beauty. This makes it the best choice for a engagement ring, available in traditional round carving and princess or in creative heart carving, to add an even more romantic touch to your declaration of eternal love.

In addition, the website of Clemència Peris includes a help section about diamonds, including information about sizes, parts, shapes and colors, along with the standards of excellence that govern their creations in their goldsmith workshops. A useful guide to gain a better understanding of the different types of diamonds and their quality when embarking on your journey to find the perfect jewel for you and your partner.

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Engagement rings, resplendent in originality

The designs of this Spanish firm stand out for their wide variety of price models accessible to everyone, ranging from the solitaire classics made with artistic precision for the most romantic girls to the boldest designs as asymmetric or double-band, Along with set creatives and materials, that will fascinate any girl who likes to shine, attracting all eyes.

Wedding Bands, an eternal jewel for an eternal moment

By being dressed by both fiancés, alliances require the participation of both parties in choosing them, so that they harmonize with the style of each and express the love they feel through these centennial symbols. The range of choice is very varied in thealliances section , presenting the traditional models of smooth bands in white gold, yellow, black and pink, giving a choice between square corners or half cane.Also, there are the modern options with diamonds, whether they are small diamonds set in subtle or sophisticated rows of diamonds that will become an unforgettable jewel in your day to day.

ClemÈNcia Peris Symbol of Elegance in Engagement Rings and Alliances 3

In addition to all these beautiful pieces that we have exposed, Clemència Perisoffers you free shipping to wherever you are in case you do not live in Spain or Europe, a two-year warranty and the option to change model within a 15 days. After telling you all these magnificent details and collections, we hope that the next step you take with your partner is towards the altar, yes! Wearing this brand of reputation, innovation and sublime beauty.