Christie of - Auction of the Archduke Joseph Diamond 1

Christie of – Auction of the Archduke Joseph Diamond

The auction house of Christie’s, which is known for its auctions of precious works of art, currently draws the attention of the public an extraordinary gem. On November 13, 2012, the Archduke Joseph will be auctioned to diamond. Although he may be less well known than, for example, the legendary hope diamond or the Cullinan Diamond, so is he still a remarkable gemstone. He estimated also the famous singer Celine Dion, who integrated him wore in 2002 on the occasion of their comebacks in a Collier impressed by its size and excellent quality – these benefits.

Record prices for diamonds at the auction house Christie’s

One speculates that the Archduke’s next month a price is paid for diamonds at the auction by Christie of at least $ 15 million.
This high amount was even outbid at past auctions of outstanding gems. So the Blue Wittelsbach diamond scored it no less than 24.3 million US dollars, an amount which was topped in 2010 by a 25-karatigen Fancy Diamond in the color pink 2008 at Christie. His selling on Christie’s brought the record sum of $ 46 million.
There are many reasons for these high prices. An important point is the great rarity of the auctioned gemstones, in some cases such as in the Blue House of Wittelsbach and the Archduke Joseph diamond also their historical significance. In addition the international reputation of the auction house Christie’s naturally plays a role, as well as the large number of private buyers of who are taking part in the auction.

A gem with a legendary history at Christie’s

The Archduke Joseph diamond and his origin from the legendary Golconda mines

The upcoming auction at Christie’s is one of the highlights of the long and prestigious history of the Archduke Joseph diamond. He took its origin in Indian Golconda mines, which are known for their gems of excellent quality. He was there in the 16th or 17th century found a time where in India the only known and important sources of diamonds found–only in the 18th century it also to significant finds in Brazil and in many other countries, subsequently progressed all South Africa.

Christie of - Auction of the Archduke Joseph Diamond 1
But now back to the Golkonda mines: the diamonds found there high quality characterized by, which can be seen in their beautiful pure white color and its clear transparency. Proof of the reputation of the mines is that the name Golkonda served primarily during the Renaissance as a synonym for untold riches. This meaning attached to the end of the 19th century the term also.
Some of the most famous diamonds come from the Golconda mines, so – just to name a few – the Dresden green diamond, whose defining characteristic is his intense red afterglow and the Koh-i-Noor in extremely the diamond rare green color, the deep blue hope diamond, which is today located in the British Crown jewels .
Meanwhile, the reserves of the mines are long since exhausted, today only a ruin city testifies to the former wealth.

Archduke Joseph as the namesake for the at Christie of to the auction diamonds

The further history of the Archduke Joseph diamond at Christie’s is to auction, survives however only patchy. Considered to be secured that he was owned by Archduke Joseph August of Austria (1872-1962) – for this reason he was named Archduke Joseph diamond. First, was the jewel in the family and was passed down to his son, the Archduke Joseph Franz. However, in 1933, he wandered in the safe of a Hungarian Bank, which sold it three years later.

The auction of diamonds at Christie of in 1993

Traces of the Archduke Joseph diamond are blurred by its sale in the year 1936 on until to the time, as he in 1961 in London to the auction has been released, his sales but ultimately failed.
Also what happened in the episode with the gem is not clear, only that he 1993 already’s was – auctioned at Christie to an anonymous bidder at that time for the princely sum of equivalent $ 6.5 million. By his then owner he was resold in 1999 Molina j. to Alfred.
Prior to the upcoming auction by Christie’s in November the Archduke Joseph will be to see diamond on shows in New York and Hong Kong.

The stunning appearance of the Archduke Joseph diamond

The size alone of at Christie’s to auction of the gem of 76,02 carats is impressive. The fascinating to the diamond also is that he has an excellent pure white color, the by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) as the best possible color level D (highly rare white +) was classified.
The gem got its present size until the time when he owned by Alfred j. Molina was. This had to drag him to his purity by SI 1 (1 Small Inclusions, small inclusions 1) to IF (Internally Flawless, flawless) to improve. Previously, the Archduke Joseph diamond had a weight of 78,54 carats.
During this action the original rectangular cushion cut horizontally tiered facets on the bottom was slightly changed – a sanding form that is due directly to the Indian origin of the gemstone.

At Christie’s to auction the diamond as a decoration for Celine Dion and Laura Harring

Christie of - Auction of the Archduke Joseph Diamond 2

The well known and successful singer Celine Dion already had the opportunity to decorate the beautiful jewel that soon it will be auctioned at Christie. On the occasion of their television on the CBS of televised comeback in April of 2002 she wore the Archduke Joseph diamond as a detachable pendant on a necklace, which consisted of 57 other diamonds with a total weight of 73,15 CT. Alfred Molina, who lent her the gem for this appearance, likened the elegance of diamonds with the beauty and purity of Celine Dion’s voice.
In April of the same year, the necklace of also the actress Laura Harring helped a very glamorous appearance at the Oscar ceremonies. Laura Harring is known among others from the movie Mulholland Drive – road of arkness , directed by David Lynch, and also considered first middle, who won election to the Miss USA.

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