Chopard jewelry company in family hands 1

Chopard: jewelry company in family hands

Since 1937, the headquarters of the company of Chopard in Geneva.

The fine watch and jewelry company is integer, traditional family and extremely successful–more hope in today’s world as only a spark.

Swiss watchmaker Louis-Ulysses Chopard founded his workshop in 1860 in the picturesque village of Sonvilier, in the middle of the Swiss Jura region, at that time Metropolitan Center for gifted Swiss watchmaker. Chopard reliably accurate trade convinced quickly and sold far beyond the borders of the Confederation also – in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Russia.

Chopard jewelry company in family hands 1

Paul Louis Chopard and Karl Scheufele

in 1921, the son of the company founder, Paul Louis Chopard, could be the branch in La Lime-of-Funds own call. in 1937, the company moved to Genevato better reach and serve the international audience. 1943 was the grandson of Paul Andre Chopard to its leading position, but none of his sons had the intention to take over the company. Fortunately, he met the Pforzheimer Karl Scheufele, who was waiting for his part as well with a solid pedigree full of watchmakers and jewelers.

An Independent Family Operation Chopard

Just me 20jährig and still in the year of birth of his son, Karl Friedrich Scheufele took over the company. Since then, the company noted a steady growth. Under the deliberate use of advanced technology, with exceptional craftsmen at their side, Karl Scheufele and his wife Karin for 40 years led the company inexorably the ladder of success high. Meanwhile, her two children occupy the leading position.

Caroline Scheufele is as responsible, creative Director for the women’s collections and the jewelry sector, her brother Karl-Friedrich Scheufele directs the men’s and the Chopard manufacture in Fleurier, where the L.U.C. movements are made. So Chopard is still an independent family business, loyalty and respect.

Chopard jewelry company in family hands 2

Ethics in the Luxury Industry

It was also Caroline Scheufele who established contact with Livia Firth. The wife of Colin Firth, the native Roman and film producer Livia Firth, has devoted her life as a Company manager for the lifestyle industry sustainable production and stresses the possibility of ethics in the luxury industry. For Livia Firths initiative “Green Carpet Challenge”, for example, StardesignerInnen such as Stella McCartney created ethically correct products. Chopard was unafraid to offer a transparent production chain with a clear indication of the origin of all materials for its collections with its traditionally correct philosophy and the matching clear and elegant jewelry pieces.

Free Dancing Diamonds

Also in the jewelry-making, you can strive to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint. If it succeeds because with shapely creations, the chopard typical free dancing diamonds host diamonds collection – – as now 20 years of happy the better.

While Caroline Scheufele, however, still loves the glamour and lives and Karl-Friedrich can be pragmatic and act modestly with numbers, the assets of the family Scheufele be seen: it is estimated at over one billion francs.

Chopard jewelry company in family hands 3