Bracelets for Men Leather The Best Brazilian Brands of Accessories

Bracelets for Men Leather: The Best Brazilian Brands of Accessories

Bracelets for men leather is an accessory that is discreet and easy to use. Thanks to the clock, all are already accustomed to see an accessory on the wrist male.

Bracelets for Men Leather The Best Brazilian Brands of Accessories

Men have less freedom in choosing what to wear. The customs, social and professional, are relatively rigid, and you need to take into consideration the impact of their choices on the perception that others have of you.

Fortunately, you don’t need a lot to dress well. But, to convey exactly what you want to express through your clothes, you can always spice up your look with accessories such as glasses, belt, watch and even a bracelet. Through a leather strap small and discreet, it is possible to add a personal touch without causing awkwardness, or distract.

But although simple to do, wear a bracelet it’s a little scary large part of the men. First, because the outside of the watches, male accessories are exceptions. Any exaggeration can convey a confusing message that goes far beyond gender issues. I am speaking of the occasion and the context.

Second, because the choice is very personal. Add an “individual mark” to the visual leads us to reflect on the one that represents us well. It is difficult, even more with so many options for bracelets for men on the market.

Where To Start? Try A Leather Strap.

To wear a bracelet, do not need to call a lot of attention. It is a small item, you can give a charm to your look and will stand out from other guys who follow a line most basic.

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One way to decrease the risk in choosing an accessory is to focus on simple designs and male. An item discreet enough to differentiate your look and awaken the interest of those who observe them. After all, you do not need to call the attention of everyone around you, just win the looks of who is paying attention.

To choose pieces with a visual male, prioritize strong materials. This is where the leather comes in. The leather is a strong material that can be both rustic and refined. The best, grows old with time, and the use reveals a beauty that is differentiated.

Because a bracelet? We are already accustomed to use accessories on the wrist. I feel naked without the weight of a left arm. The bracelets of timepieces are usually metal or leather, that is, you’re already accustomed with leather around the wrists.

Starting from a watch, a leather strap is not a step so big! That is why I recommend a leather strap for those who are starting to incorporate accessories in your look. We are already accustomed to using the leather on the feet (boots) and back (jacket). On the wrist is also a great idea.

How to use bracelets for men

Like the watch, the bracelet is also an accessory that can be used along with the clothes, but with more description. For this type of look, opt for models that are more discrete and in colours that are more neutral, such as black, grey or brown.

If you look at the pulse of the bloggers more garish, the chances are great to find a bunch of bracelets. This is a trend that fortunately comes dying for some time. Yes you can use three or four bracelets together can give even more charm to the accessory. Care as always should be on the combination of colors and elements. You can balance a bracelet very colorful with other more neutral and a strap polka dot with other leather. Common sense here is all.

If dressing well is not always a matter of boast, but rather to know how to use the basics to your favor. Just know how to choose the right item for the right situation and you are dressed as. Without calling the negative attention of others around you. However, if you are one of those that only wears jeans and basic t shirt, sometimes something is missing to give a little more personality. For example, if you are dressing up a t-shirt in white or black, you can use a mixture of 3 colorful bangles to give even more charm to your look. The ideal is to know how to harmonize.Will use more colors basic and neutral, bet on bracelets more colorful. Will use stronger colors, you can bet on accessories with colours that are more neutral.

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How to use bracelets for men with clock

If you like to use watches, you can balance the look with bracelets on the arm opposite or completely the same pulse in which uses the accessory. For example, if the strap of your watch is colored, you can wear a bracelet of one of the colors to enhance the visual. But take care not to overdo it and stay with the pulse very colorful.

Where to buy bracelets for men leather

There are some brands of accessories national that do this type of work with the philosophy of slow fashion, well made and made to last, which I value here on the blog.

I know that this is not a product so unusual, but all the brands and stores that I will list here has a conduct that I feel comfortable in supporting.

So simple, tends to be cheap. Even the more expensive ones don’t hurt the pocket. It is a perfect product for those who want to contribute with human brands, and responsible.

Let’s go to the list:

Bracelet Outsider Goods – Carabiner and Hook

Bracelet minimalist leather with hook in solid brass made by the Outsider Goods.

Process is 100% manual, made by a single craftsman from start to finish. All produced with the utmost care. It is a meticulous work, with careful evaluation at all stages.

Comes first on the list for the beautiful latch hook brass!

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You can buy here

Bracelet Single Wrap Cutterman

Strap/Bracelet leather with fit 3 sizes made by Cutterman. Edge finish burnt with wax natural.

Bracelet Old Indian Braveman

The bracelet of Braveman is fully hand made leather chunky tone dark brown, opaque and greyish. Is available in two models, the first with a single spin, and the second, double.


The style of any man would be complete without accessories giving the final touch. It is one of the safer ways to add a personal touch to our uniform of the day-to-day. It can be difficult to find the right piece, and so the ideal is to go to a few. The best is to start with a simple option and male, more secure, and discreet.

A good starting point is a leather strap. We are already accustomed to using bracelets, after all, who doesn’t have a good clock? Use a leather strap is not a leap so big. I recommend that it is leather, and simple, because it is a material that is strong and versatile.

Here in Brazil we have excellent references, brands small, producing with ethics and transparency. Try it, live a little with the leather strap and after that used, start searching other options to define your personal style.

If you liked the tips regarding bracelets, you can also consider to find the wallet men that is right for your day-to-day and personal style. A good leather wallet is surely an accessory that will be with you for a long time!