Pregnancy Bola Necklace

Bola Pregnancy Necklace

So much for the mother that the baby be zen, feel safe and reassured, it is essential for a good start in life, right?! And if the baby favorite blankie, who normally looks like a piece of cloth torn colorless, like a great necklace?

Pregnancy Bola Necklace

Behind Ilado?

“Sandra , I’m 31, I was born in Pau and I am living in Paris for 10 years with my husband, our daughter , Mila, 2 and a half e t a boy only a few days!

I launched Ilado Paris there just 1 year, with the support of Celia Bonahon, my childhood friend. We had the idea of creating this brand as we were both pregnant.

The first trigger was the day I learned I was pregnant. I was then Marketing Director at L’Oreal , where I worked for 7 years. I realized that this professional world certainly was exciting and rewarding, but also very demanding and stressful, and therefore difficult to reconcile with the mother present and zen I wanted to be my daughter.”

What is bola pregnancy?

Inspired by an ancient pendant-bell traditionally worn by Maya mothers, the bola round the neck.Retained by a long cord,  the bola on the belly of the pregnant woman and soothes baby with every movement.
The sound resembles a thin bell and quickly became recognizable for little baby. The newborn feels secure from birth through that sweet familiar jingle.

We know that baby hears sounds from the 15th week of pregnancy in the belly and he feels all your emotions, then, after the birth, her familiar tinkling becomes a benchmark for newborns and continues to rock him and to reassure him, reminding him the sweetness of his mother.

Traditional bola necklace

As pregnant mom jewelry, these precious pregnant necklaces are silver 925 and gold  18k. Yes, we are far from cuddly plastic and better! All pendants Bolas are made by Mexican artisans in Taxco, in the respect of traditions. They are then gilded with fine gold and suspended after precious necklaces by French manufacturer.

Life and work

“After working in business for 7 years, I realized how have a flexible time employment is a luxury  ! No permission to ask to take a day off, either to take care of my daughter, if she is sick or just to get away and take time for me when I feel the need.
Working of the house, a few minutes walk to the crib, also allows me to avoid taking public transport, which is a huge time saver and fatigue!

The counterpart is that the separation pro life / personal life becomes blurred.I find it difficult to disconnect  : disconnect Instagram or my emails at night, or do not constantly talk of Iladomy husband over the weekend!

I am very appreciative of all the “mompreneurs” : start a business when you’re young mom requires great self-confidence, a good sense of organization and a lot of tenacity! ”

Ilado Paris and social networks, a love story?

“Instagram is a real communication tool for us! We are very grateful to bloggers and our future clients moms who share their heart for their Bola pregnancy Ilado Paris on social networks. Our goal is to continue to build this beautiful community of moms and make the dream with our jewelry. “