Blake Lively - Engagement Rings of the Stars with Colored Gems 1

Blake Lively – Engagement Rings of the Stars with Colored Gems

The engagement rings of the screen sizes or Musikdiven not always to amaze and it’s exciting to watch the latest trends. Which star opts for which design? Often fits the selected jewelry surprisingly well to the character and personal style of its wearer.
Of course, the central question is what is selected for a gemstone, finally this is an engagement ring in the Center. The absolute classic is still a crisp white diamond. Some stars, however, who rather eccentric and edgy like it, have a particular fondness for colored gems. So that from the US hit series “Gossip Girl” actress Blake lively, who with actor Ryan Reynolds trust in September left.

Blake lively and revealing her engagement ring

On October 9 this year Blake lively appeared publicly after their wedding for the first time on the red carpet. Journalists and spectators waiting at this event full of excitement, to catch a glimpse of her engagement ring. They were not disappointed and got to see a gorgeous piece of jewelry with an exceptionally large oval cut Pink diamonds. The Petite Rosé gold ring rail is by small diamonds arranged in three rows in the almost invisible Pave version beautifully accentuated. The focus is of course on the central large gemstone in sandblasted, which is estimated to weigh around the 10 carats. Diamond of this size are extremely rare, especially if it is also colored, so-called Fancy Diamonds , as is the case with the engagement ring of Blake lively. Estimates of the precious jewel vary between one and up to three million euros.
Due to their Pink diamonds Blake lively wore a gray dress with pink accents at this event – so the engagement ring could be especially nice.

Blake Lively - Engagement Rings of the Stars with Colored Gems 1

Blake lively – on the engagement ring perfectly coordinated wedding ring

Together with their glamorous engagement ring Blake lively wore her wedding ring. This one has a much simpler design that however beautifully harmonises with the oversized jewel. He is a mémoire ring occupied all around with a row of diamonds suitable for the engagement ring in Rosé gold.

Famous engagement rings with color precious stones

Blake lively is a good example that it must be white diamonds not always bright. Other beautiful engagement rings, which can be seen on the fingers of the stars, are proof of this. Even though the vast majority is holding still in classic design, more and more celebrities confess colour – and not just Blake lively.

The engagement rings of Blake lively and Halle Berry in the comparison

The gem by Blake Husbandare ring is only dimly colored; more intense and stronger colors are currently but also time and again. To name a few, here is the yellow gold engagement ring with Emerald of the Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry, which she, was given by her new partner, French actor Olivier Martinez in March of this year. Rumored to Olivier Martinez to want to have a ring, which symbolizes the common story of him and Halle Berry. So, encrypted, only the wearer visible characters are engraved in the engagement ring. No matter what one thinks of this type, to create an individual piece of jewellery – the engagement ring in any case has a fascinating and beautiful appearance. The gemstone is a 4-karätigen Emerald from Colombia, the country which you most beautiful and highest quality these gems come from. The green color wonderfully underlines the dark African American type of Halle Berry, while the pink diamond to the blonde Blake lively fits.

Blake Lively - Engagement Rings of the Stars with Colored Gems 2

History of engagement rings with colored gems

Today is the personal taste in the foreground – like Blake lively – when choosing an engagement ring, but that was not always the case. Coloured gemstones that have a very long tradition reaching back to the middle ages in connection with the engagement, are deep blue sapphires. Blue eventually have long considered color of fidelity and formerly superstition was common, that the gem turns, when worn by an unfaithful person. So they adorned engagement rings often and there are legends that say that returning Crusaders have tested the loyalty of their beloved ones left at home with the help of these gems.
In the 14th and 15th centuries also rubies, emeralds and diamonds for engagement rings were popular, the Sapphire was still ranked first however by its symbolic meaning.
The old popular belief, sapphires could provide information on the behavior of the faithful, “The wondrous Sapphire” was picked up in the 18th century once again by the author Madame de Jenlis in her novel. There was the alleged infidelity of a wife by a cunning “proved” – she got a blue gem, which had the property to colour is violet in artificial light. And thus she was unjustly convicted. Also at the time, the Sapphire was still as the traditional gemstone for engagement rings.
Until the invention of the Solitaire ring at the end of the 19th century that should change and engagement rings with diamonds took it over.
Today sapphires are at the celebrities but also time and again to see. First is in this context of course Kate Middleton, but also Penelope Cruz was given a sapphire ring on her engagement with Javier Bardem. Similar to the Central Sapphire oval-cut by a wreath made of brilliant-cut diamonds surrounded how Kate Middleton ring is here, too, a flower ornament is formed by the. While the engagement ring from Blake lively is so tuned to their bright type, that underlines their exotic beauty of Halle Berry, the jewel of Penelope Cruz is very classy and elegant.

Blake Lively - Engagement Rings of the Stars with Colored Gems 3

Engagement rings with colored gems in your online jewelry store RENÉSIM

Hardly anyone can resist fascinating aura of brilliant white diamonds, but with colored gems, completely new design possibilities are added at engagement rings. In particular, the individual type of owner can be brought to bear, just like Blake lively, Halle Berry and Penelope Cruz.
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