Black Diamond - Mysterious Nachtfarbene Rarities 1

Black Diamond – Mysterious Nachtfarbene Rarities

The unique luster of deepest darkness – Black diamonds are the exact opposite of its translucent, fiery regenbogenfarben sparkling relatives in appearance. While colorless diamonds, much emphasis is placed on an absolute transparency, Black diamonds are generally opaque.
Scientists are faced with puzzles by them and there is a so far no consensus, as the very rare gems are created. One popular theory according to – which is however not without controversy – created Black diamonds in the space and arrived in meteorite impacts on Earth.
For white diamonds , there are uniform regulations for the evaluation of quality and sophisticated methods for their certification – quite different that looks for Black diamonds, for what other standards apply. The purity is at ordinary diamond from crucial, at the black gems, however, internal inclusions are invisible, so that criterion is not decisive for the value. Black diamonds and their special characteristics to are described in the following.

Black diamonds and their deep dark color

Black diamonds take a special form under the diamonds, from which they differ due to their special structural design. They consist of a multitude of tiny diamond crystals that get their dark coloration of numerous small inclusions of graphite and carbon. These can vary from a dark grey, a rust brown, and a pure jet black. A black diamond with an intense midnight black color that is even and spread uniformly over the gem is most sought after.

Man-made Black diamonds – less valuable imitations

Because black diamonds in nature occur very rarely, methods were developed to produce the stylish gems by irradiation or very strong heating ordinary diamond of lesser quality. The value of such gemstone which colour synthetically generated, but considerably below that a genuine Black diamonds. The color that is created during this process, is actually not black, but a very dark blue-green but black is in the eye of the beholder.
In any case, it is mandatory that such treatments in the sale must be specified. Can this last safety a a trustful institution such as the GIA certificate (Gemological Institute of America) supply, which in an imitation the note treated color is (in comparison to natural color).
Most, which today has been the Black diamonds on the market artificially produced.

Black Diamond - Mysterious Nachtfarbene Rarities 1

A black diamond and its material properties – greater hardness than in normal diamonds

Black diamonds represent a considerable challenge for the jewelry industry. On the one hand, they have an elegant and ravishing effect in combination with Platinum or white gold and pure, colorless diamonds, on the other hand, it is very difficult to bring them in a beautiful and appealing form. Because they are interspersed by a plethora of inclusions, the loop raises some difficulties. Increased porosity of the gemstones is although not visible, but is creating a smooth, even surface in the way.
In addition, a black diamond is the hardest of all minerals and surpasses all other diamonds in hardness, which in addition will impair the Sandability.

Criteria for the qualitative assessment of Black diamonds

For Black diamonds, there are other metrics as for the colorless to slightly toned gems. So is the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) from a so-called colored diamond identification and origin report (CDIOR), in which whether the color of Fancy Black was created artificially or naturally emerged indicating. In addition, it provides information about the cut form, the mass, the carat number and the color distribution. Such a certificate is a guarantee for the buyer, because he can be so sure that the details of the dealer is truthful.
A different importance in a black diamond polishing than usual. He should be especially carefully and regularly run to be the precious stone has a beautiful form and thus best reflected the rays of light on the smooth surface but not to increase the brilliance. Due to this peculiarity, an own sanding graduation in use, which means the highest level of best make is for Black diamonds.
In addition, there is a rating scale developed specifically for Black diamonds, which above all the criteria of Carat number and color are essential. AAA is the highest level for large diamonds with excellent colour here, followed by AA, A, B and C categories.

Exceptionally large and well-known Black diamonds

Black Diamond - Mysterious Nachtfarbene Rarities 2

A black diamond is the world’s the largest diamond in the rough. He has a weight of 3,167 carats and bears the name Carbonado do Sérgio – thus he surpasses even the famous 3.106,7-karätigen Cullinan diamonds. The Carbonado do Sérgio comes from the Brazilian State of Bahia, on the longest known (since 1840) and relevant place of origin of the dark jewels, where the gem was discovered in 1905.
Also in the ground state, there are copies of considerable size, so the 312,2-karätigen spirit of de Grisogono diamond from a mine in Central Africa.
Outstanding is also a black diamond 202 carats, which was christened Black Star of Africa from its current location, however, nothing is known.

Black diamonds – gemstones from space

So far, no agreement is among scientists about the emergence of unusual gemstones. A group of researchers from Florida International University is convinced of the theory that black diamonds come out of this world, but billions of Earth years ago came during a meteorite impact. There’s no shortage of arguments to support its position. So occur Black diamonds together with colorless and yellow diamonds, but they are not in their typical host rock, kimberlite, but mainly in secondary River deposits. In addition, they compensate for diamonds in their absorption spectrum meteorites.

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